Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Nigerian Mixes

This one is almost 90 minutes long and showcases the type of tunes I'm into these days... starting with various Funk & Disco favorites, followed by some seriously heavy Edo Funk Benin City style before wrapping things up with a few unknown and deep, deep Afrobeat tunes. Click on the image and get sweaty!

Here's another Nigerian Disco and Boogie mix:


mr. follow follow said...

Where are u gonna give a set in Europe? Anywhere in Germany? Hamburg?

Frank said...

Berlin will most likely be the only gig in Germany, maybe I'll also do a party in Southern Germany near my old home town of Villingen Schwenningen... you can see the tour schedule to the top right on the side menu. I'll keep it updated as new dates are added.

Marco Ardizzone said...

Hi Frank!!
see you in Milan!!!

I will be a pleasure to dance your music!!!

HeeyBloondie said...

Greetings and praises, voodoo musicians of 70s Africa, and ambassador Frank!

Good mix - could you please tell me the artist for the last track, starting at 70m40s - and going for an amazing 18 minutes ? Don't think I've heard them before. Do they have anything else available ?

Similarly - I love Smahila & The SB's "African Movement", a great track that frequently pops up on compilations here and there. The track indicates that this is one big, tight, experienced orchestra, so I'm surprised I haven't ever seen anything else by them. Do you know if any are available ?

Thank you for your help! Keep the hypnoafrobeat coming please!

Frank said...

Sorry, no track list for this one... Smahila & the SB's had at least 3 or 4 other albums on the same label (Rogers Allstars). They're all great records but consist of mostly guitar based highlife. I guess African Movement and Natural Points are the only two afrobeat tracks they ever recorded. But who knows...

Luka van de Poel said...

Hi Frank!
Please come to the Netherlands some time!
We have lots of great, fun places in Amsterdam and Utrecht where your music will be highly appreciated ;)


Frank said...

Hi Luka, I would love to come to Utrecht or to Amsterdam. For booking requests just contact me via email: "my first name" at voodoofunk dot com



Funky Trev said...

Looking forward to seeing you spin some magic in London !

Cyril said...

Great Afro sounds. Many thanks Frank