Friday, June 30, 2000

2x7" by Afro Kelenkye Band out on Cultures Of Soul

After putting out their LP with Superfly Records, I teamed up with Cultures Of Soul for this double single with 4 unreleased tracks by the Afro Kelenkye Band:

Not long after they had recorded their debut album, the band went back into the studio to record some more tracks for a follow-up release but unfortunately they soon ran out of money and the group disbanded. The recordings were left on the shelves until Miles Cleret from Soundway Records found them some 40 years later and brought them to my attention.

It was immediately clear to me that such amazing, unreleased material by this highly regarded band just had to be put out and with Cultures Of Soul I found just the right label for this project. This record was licensed directly from band leader Jagger Botchway. Be quick, there were only 1.000 copies pressed -get one here!

Jungle Funk

Mother Africa

Munchin Session

Too Bad Girl

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Chewie said...

I'm actually ahead of you on this one. I got this when I was looking for the full length album. Good stuff!