Monday, May 15, 2000

Lagos Disco Inferno Out Now!

Available as Gatefold Double LP and on CD in an unbreakable digipack with booklet.

The current issue of Vice Magazine lists Lagos Disco Inferno as Best Album Of The Month!

Check out this other great review we got from Dusted, or my personal favorite, this one over here at Pop Matters writen by David Maine.

Buy a copy at your local record store or order one online at Academy LP mailorder, Dusty Groove or Honest Jon's in Europe. Amazon has them as well and also offers digital downloads how I have just learned.

Heres the track list, click onto the highlighted tracks an check out some sound clips:

Side 1:
DORIS EBONG - Boogie Trip 5:28
GERALDO PINO - African Hustle 5:25
GROTTO - Bad City Girl 5:34

Side 2:
POGO LTD. - Don't Put Me Down 4:37
ASIKO ROCK GROUP - Everybody Get Down 8:17
PARADISE STARS - Boogie Train 5:31

Side 3:
EMMA DORGU - Rover Man 4:37
MFB - Boredom Pain 5:06
CHRISTY ESSIEN - Take Life Easy 4:14
TIROGO - Dancing Machine 4:03

Side 4:
BLO – Root 3:24
NANA LOVE - Hang On 14:45


Yannig said...

Hope this will be available for overseas purchases too ! ;-)

Pieter said...

Looking forward to this! Already puts a smile on my face. What's the label? I want to order and get it sent to Belgium (will pass through Belgium and London in May).

Pieter said...

I love the 'caveat' on the press release: "Best administered in like-minded company and with generous doses of cold, alcoholic beverages." :-)

Frank said...

Thanx Pieter, the label is Academy LPs. The same folks who put out the Ofege and the Mebusas. I'm sure you'll find the record in London Stores.

Seth said...

How can it be purchased state-side?

Marc fom Chicago said...

Frank, this is going to be a killer slab of vinyl!


Frank said...

Seth, come release date, this album should be available at any righteous record store or mailorder like for example

jeremy said...

Yes! Pumping the LDI!

Lupine Assassin said...

Link for NANA LOVE - Hang On is actually

The one posted is broken. Hope this helps. :)

Frank said...

Lupine you're a herao! Thanx for brining this to my attention. No idea how the html code got messed up because it was working when I first posted this... I also just copied the code into the pressrelease page where the link still works fine. Ghost In The Machine, I guess...



B-Muse said...

Oh man, stoked for this!!

Anonymous said...

What is your arrangement for the artists to get paid from their intellectual property...or is this just another case of imperialist pilfering?

- Real Life Nigerian

Frank said...

All tracks except the one by Doris Ebong have been officially licensed from the copyright owner. In the case of Doris Ebong, we were not able to find her or the owner of the original record label. Her royalties are being reserved for her in case we manage to track her down at a later point.

If you want to investigate cultural pilvering, try and find out how many of the CDs and DVDs sold on the Nigerian market result in any form of payment for the "intellectual property" contained on them. The widespread sale of unlicensed copies is the reason why the once so vivid Nigerian music industry shut down in the early 1980s after the music cassette was introduced on the market.

Delay said...

Big props to Voodoo Funk / Frank... keep on doin'what your doin'... I'll try to order some of those Lagos Disco Inferno LP's for the recordstore I work at! That Doris Ebong... massive tune! Wow!

Greetz Delay from Waxwell Records

Anonymous said...

Frank! Will you have copies for sale @ any of the NYC parties?

Frank said...

We will have vinyl and CD copies available on both nights!

H.Fox said...

Thanks for the tunes! Keep up the good work! Louisville loves you!

jim said...

Hey Frank, just been listening to some mixes....ohhh the bitter sweetness!! Just wanted to say a big thanks for the academy record releases....And I pray you keep 'em coming for ever....Such gems....
Look forward to seeing a London gig date some time.
A night with the Sofrito boys at one of their venues would be off the hook!!

Three cheers to you sir

- Jim

Anonymous said...

This is an incredible site with incredible music - just read about you in the latest Wax Poetic mag - great work - wish you could make it down to New Orleans (maybe you do and I am not in the know).

If you do - - please email me so I won't miss your show - also - I will promote it as much as I can [free - not for profit].

Thank you!


Justpen said...

Yet again you have passed on your wise knowledge and great music. Thank you so much for introducing us to such great music. It's sounds even better knowing that you respect the artists.
I've just ordered a copy of vinyl from Superfly records so am really looking forward to listening to the whole album.
Hope to see you in London sometime?
Thanks once again.

jahspear said...

Top album. Well groovy. I was experiencing Afro re-issue fatigue, but this blew the cobwebs away. Thanks Frankie boy. I hope there is more to come.....

Lupine Assassin said...

No problem, mate. I just found out the rare 45-single version of "Who're You?" by Fela will be on

I'm still hoping the 45 version of "Jeun K'oku (Chop + Quench) will finally see CD release also....

Nick said...

Absolutely fantastic, can't wait to hear more. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank
I can see on the 'DJ GIGS' thing, that you have removed Copenhagen from the list, how is that? A shame, I was looking very forward to that night

Oh well, keep up the work and thank you for the music.


Frank said...

Sorry Morten, the promoter in Oslo has dropped out of touch and I'm looking into other options for this date.

HiDef said...

Just got mine... lovin it!! Seeing how many spots sold-out of LDI so quickly I'm hoping vol.II in the works. Bless-up Frank... hoping to hear u play in Brooklyn real soon.

Oz Good said...

Congratulations Frank!
To many more, keep 'em coming!
Long live the funk!

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank,
My bro and me have been long time fans of your blog and you have opened our eyes to some awesome African music. However, I am a touch saddened by your email exchange re Kon and Amirs cd. They are fellow DJs and respected "crate diggers" who also have done much to alert the music loving world to fogotten artists. whilst I understand the commercial reasons for you doing so - you come over like SONY or similar - shame on you fella. Still love your work. Trev

Frank said...


this was between me and BBE and the situation esacalated because BBE decided to threaten us with a fraudulent contract.

I have talked with Amir yesterday and a resolution is in the works.


jim said...

Hi Frank,

I'm planning to head over to your Berlin gig.
Can you give any more info on this? Unfortunately my German is non existant.
Just wondering where to buy tickets, and what / where the venue is.

If I had put in the effort you have over the years,(even though you had a bloody good time), I would have been just as brassed off. I would never pander to those kind of label antics. Unexcusable I think.
Good to hear you and A have something in the works though.



Anonymous said...

S'good because I'm nipping up to Universal Sounds in London and hope to buy both CD's. If you ever DJ london (can see Ireland soon) we will be throwing dodgy white boy shapes on the floor.Hope it's soon cos London needs some Voodoo Funk.

Frank said...

Hey Jim,

the venue in Berlin is called "Festsaal Kreuzberg" and it's a beautiful old ballroom close to subway stop Kottbusser Tor.

Make sure you say hi if you can make it.


matt said...

Hey Frank, I enjoyed the copyright discussion....where did it go?

I note the Kon and Amir release is in the stores

Frank said...


I erased the post.
The situation has changed after Amir and I had a talk yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I hope the copyright disagreement of the Doris Ebong track will soon turn out fine for both parties and for the sake of peace and the wonderful music and its originators

Love and Peace

Frank said...

Amir and I have settled this.


Anonymous said...

Any chance this release will be made available on emusic?

Frank said...

I don't think so... but I'm not the label, I'm just the compiler...

Anonymous said...

I thought I had seen an Amsterdam DJ date listed, but can't find it any more.

Does this mean you're not coming to Amsterdam?

Also, you probably know it already, but a few years ago I visited the music museum in Cape Coast, Ghana. Lots of old vinyls. Have you been there?

keep up the good work,
The Netherlands

Frank said...

Hey Alex,

sorry about Amsterdam.
Unfortunately, it didn't work out for this summer but there's a chance I might be back in Europe for a few weeks in November.



Perrata 2000 said...

Got my copy last week and loved it. Great job!! Look forward to more Voodoofunk releases!

Smokey LaBeef said...

just got my copy in the mail - bloody excited to finally hear it. Thanks for all the fine work, it's truly a blessing to be living in a time when so much killer music is being unearthed.

i just put an afrobeat night on in sydney, australia and people went wild for it. have you any plans to come here to play?

Frank said...

Hey Smokey, thanx for your support.

I have no immediate plans to go to Australia but you never know... some day maybe.


Tor Hershman said...

..[___]..---{Too Cool}

dubmusic said...

Order placed, CD for the family and vinyl for me. Waiting eagerly for package to arrive.

Anonymous said...

I just came across the ss dicussion- I would like to say... Your comp is great-and the way you have dug and compiled this wonderful music is spot on. BBE have been 'bootlegging for years'-it is about time someone stood up and said NO. Keep the faith. JM

Anonymous said...

It is available on emusic.
That's how I was able to hear this in my extreme rural existence.
Keep it up, Frank.

Anonymous said...

Just bought the CD at Honest Jon's in London, they said they had already sold over 200 copies !

Great album, keep it up !

MrMire aka Disco Don said...

Just got my copy today, Frank. Awesome. I can't appreciate enough the work of you and your fellow Nigerian/Ghanan helpers. Any chance you spin in Munich sometime?

Cottich said...

A fantastic double vinyl man !! i just received it !! so good so good franck !!