Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Call me Frank

June 25th 2008

This is just some shaky and lo-resolution clip I shot with my cellphone while cruising around downtown Cotonou in Benin. The song I used here is the main reason for posting this clip: "call me frank" from the Psychedelic Man LP by De Frank & His Professionals. This kinda became my theme song ever since I found this record.

"call me frank, I'll respond to you,
because my life is crazy and I look so funny..."

I will miss those rides around Benin, on he back of a Zemidjan, the heat and the stench of diesel fumes... only in a few weeks from now, I'm going to play records in NYC and Chicago.


Pieter said...

Hi Frank,

When's the Chicago gig? I'll be in Chicago August 9-25. I'd emailed a good friend there to see if he could set up a gig for you (through DJ Warp who also works at the Chicago Cultural Center). I haven't heard yet whether that worked out but if it did, it will be fun to finally meet and dance live to your grooves.



Frank said...

Hey Pieter,
it looks like we will miss each other again... it'll be on September 9th at the Sonotheque. Damn, it would have been great to finally meet up!


Anonymous said...

and what about a gig in Barcelona? so much Afrikan Vibe lovers here!

Pieter said...

Damn!! It was Sonotheque I was thinking of for your gig (DJ Warp, aka Brian Keigher, and Radiohiro do the monthly Bombay Beatbox), so I'm glad it is happening. Too bad I won't be there.


Aristizzle said...

Glad to here you're drumming up business. Imagine it's a bit of a let down to be getting paid in dollars rather than euros these days, but, hey, we do it all for the music right? Speaking of bookings, what do you normally expect to get paid to do a gig? I'm in Pittsburgh (you told me once you'd been out here digging before way back in the day) and a club called the AVA just started doing an African Music night the first Saturday of every month. I'd LOVE to be able to get you here. What do I need to do to make it happen / worth the trip for you?

Frank said...

Aristizzle, thanx for your interest, pleas get in touch with me at

Jonathan said...

when are you in los angeles? very excited about the booking...

Frank said...

It'll be towards the end of October. I'll post the details as soon as it's confirmed.



Anonymous said...

How can you ???!!
How can you make us know this song and don't even give us the oportunity to spend our day listening to it on our own mp3 player.. man, that hurts ! :-))

If there's any possibilities to get this song, please, let us know ! Thanks, in davance...

James said...

Really lookin forward to a NYC show. Good luck with everything til then.

Marc.Dos said...

Hi Frank

I added your site to my blogroll, hope that is ok.

If you could add a link to my site, I would be most appreciative.

I'm trying to build up a list of people with mixtapes on their blogs.

many thanks

Anonymous said...

MAN !!!
it s great that some people on earth do things like you do.
your mixes are great. viva la musica
and be sure that you have a new fan in Switzerland.
cheers and much respect

Anonymous said...

Great job you did in West Africa!
I hope all the vinyl will arrive safe and sound....

Edmund, Austria-Europe

mr aaron said...

Hey Frank,

Any plans to make your way to the bay area?

As a huge fan of this music I'm absolutely blown away by the scale of this endeavor and the amount of great music you were able to amass. The MP3s are incredible; thanks much for sharing all of this!

Looking forward to the Doc as well.


Frank said...

I'd love to come to the bay area but don't have any connections there yet. Please feel free to point any club promoter you might know into my direction...

mr aaron said...

Will do.


Marc in Chicago said...

Frank, can't wait to hear your set in Chi-town. Be sure to let us know when these projects are going to be issued.

Sascha M. said...

Oh boy, I am so happy to have 'stumbled' upon your movie project through the blog African Hip-Hop. I live in NYC too and can't wait to get a chance to hear your stuff at a party soon, hopefully.
Voodoo Funk, a great name btw!
Alles Gute und viel Gl├╝ck!!!

Sascha NYC/Stuttgart

slavicsoul said...

I am probably not telling you anything new, but just in case you're not aware of it, there are some DJs in NYC who have already established well-running parties, who would appreciate your gems very much and might help you out getting a party series started.
I'm talking about Chris Annibell aka DJ Osiris and DJs Mariano and Nickodemus. There websites are as follows:
Afrokinetic and
Turntables on the Hudson


Frank said...

Hi Sascha,

I've already secured myself a weekly night in Manhattan and am now looking after a monthly residency somewhere in Brooklyn.

I think I might know Nappy G from Turntables on the Hudson from my old Vampyros Lesbos parties in NYC back in the 90s and I've actually been to the last Afrokinetic night. Royale is just around the corner from where I live... I'm actually thinking about doing something there myself.

Lass uns mal zusammen ein Bier trinken!



Jipes said...

Nice clip ! That could have been as well Burkina Faso or Ghana. I like the cities of West Africa they'are so lively and full of suprises ;o)

Nostromo said...

Hey Frank. I was wondering if you've ever had any motivation to rerelease some of the best material that you've found so far. I've been listening to the mixes you've made and it sounds amazing.

My whole interest in the west african funk and jazz scene started with the movie broken flowers and now I can't get enough.

Africa is a great continent (i'm south african) and it really stays with you even if you leave. You'll start to miss it if you haven't already. Thanks for a great story and reviving my interest in funk.

Frank said...

Hey Nostromo,

a LP re-issue and a compilation with the best material of one specific artist are already in the works.
And you are right, I miss Africa already and might go back for a short visit before long.



AhmadKhundakar said...


Just to say respect to you (as well as the artists of course!) for these mixes. You've put together some masterpieces here and the track selection is flawless.

I'm currently listening in a very cold and dark north east England but suddenly the sunshine ain't so far away!



Barnie said...

hey frank... i met you the other night at Von.. i am the new zealander who was recently in Ghana and Ethiopia and Mali and Burkina.. i am making a radio doco on the music i found there for radio NZ.. in Burkina i interviewed Georges Ouedraogo who started the group Bozambo.. do you have any recordings of them? Georges didn't.. but i would love a sound bite to put under that section of the doco... cheers!

Frank said...

Hi Barnie, no, unfortunatelly I don't have anything by Bozambo.