Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Psychedelic Afro Shop -MP3-

April 29th 2008

Here's another solid Afrobeat & Funk mix for you.
I guess this was it for a while now as I'm packing up my turntables and my records. In just 10 days, everything will be put into a container and sent off towards NYC. In just 6 weeks I'll fly out to NYC myself. Time enough for one last digging trip I guess...
With the end of my stay here in West Africa approaching, I'm not really sure what I'll do with this blog. Maybe I'll just leave it up as an archive and use the front page to keep you posted on my DJ activities in NYC.

Now put on your dancing shoes and click on the image below!

00:00 Orlando Julius - psychedelic afro shop
05:55 Fela Ransome Kuti - beautiful dancer
12:50 Orch. Anassoua Jazz de Parakou - norou
15:47 De Frank & his Professionals - psychedelic man
22:08 Pat Thomas & Marijata - we are coming home
28:00 Christiana Essien - my kind of man
31:55 African Bros Int. Band - hold your lover tight
41:40 Les As Du Golfe - tsi ma le to
47:20 The Creation - noble kings
53:02 Jeff Tagoe & the Vis-A-Vis - abifao
55:55 Antoine Dougbe & Poly Rythmo - honton soukpo gnon


Anonymous said...

what should i say... it's a tragedy losing this blog.
i wish you all the best for nyc.

greetings from a place completely lacking any funk event (aka dortmund)

Anonymous said...

thank YOU frank for all your work & for sharing it here
its been fantastic & i'm sure everybody gonna miss this
best wishes from mats in sweden

Jessibird said...

Thank you a thousand times for the fantastic stories and music you've so generously shared with us. I wish you all success in your new projects. The folks in NYC are lucky to get you!

Evan said...

The music you've posted has been a revelation for me. The stories and pics have been amazing as well. If possible, I would certainly leave the blog up even if no new posts are forthcoming. I've tried to turn as many friends as possible onto this blog and some are slowly working their way through it and need time digest each mp3 post. On a selfish note, I live in Pittsburgh, PA USA and am not averse to a weekend trip to NYC to see you spin. What can I say? Thanks for all your hard work, the respect you have for African culture, music and musicians and the generosity with which you've shared it. My best wishes for you in the next phase of your life; may it continue to flourish and long live Voodoo Funk!

Anonymous said...

You've done us all a service so far with this blog.

I hope you can continue in some fashion.

You should get together with one of the responsible labels and put together some compilations of these gems...


Neu Mejican

Anonymous said...

A label that might be worth working with would be Sublime Frequencies from Seattle, WA


Olavo Badiu di Txada said...

Frank! Thank you so much for introducing me to Stanislas Tohon, Black Santiagos, Christiana Essien and all the other poly rythmo´s! It has made at least a small part of Norway a better place to live!

dubmusic said...

Yes - loosing this blog is a tragedy.
Please keep it up as an archive and do keep us posted on life as a dj in New York.

cubikmusik said...

will miss your fascinating posts mate. I hope that you keep the blog up and somehow figure out a way to keep sharing your story.
great tunes as ever.
best of luck with your next adventure.

Peeka Shalo said...

Hi Frank,
your blog was a beautiful, wonderful trip in west african music. I hope you will keep alive your love for these sounds when you'll be back home in USA.

Good luck
South of Italy

Anonymous said...

im sure you have more mixes folks would love to hear...even if the blog changes tone, id love to see you continue to post...yours is one of the few blogs i actually READ...

most of us will never have the chance to own these records...thank you for posting them...

this blog has given me a lot of pleasure...


Frank said...

Thanx Guiseppe, I'm actually from Germany originally but since I've spent 4 years in NYC in the late 90s, it'll definitely feel like home to me.

To all others: I'll try and post some more stuff in the future, especially some of the film footage shot by Leigh.

There are some re-issue projects planned already. Great record label from NYC, more later! There's also a chance I'll get my own weekly radio show at WFMU which also would be available as podcast.

Evan, my good friend Matt Finewine took me on a digging trip to Pittsburgh some years back. Things had already dried up a bit but this must have been a crazy spot for Funk & Soul records up until the mid-90s. Contact me before you make it to NY!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy I found this blog 3 weeks ago!
And now it will come already to an end... please, let it be on the internet, and let us know how you're doing in the future!
I can't download your mp3's but from the morning till the night your mixes are making my day.
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and digged music!!
I wish you a nice last stay the coming weeks overthere and a good welcome in NY! greetings from Holland, Jorg

gomad361 said...

Since I discovered your blog over a year ago you have opened my ears to so much great music. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The mixes that you have put together are simply the best.

Good luck in NYC.

Julian said...

Well, I can only echo what has been said by others here. Yours is one of only a handful of blogs I am utterly addicted to. Fantastic adventures, related in an observant, respectful, awed way, and - of course - unbelievable finds. I wish I could have done something similar.

Excellent news about WFMU (the obvious and most deserving place for you really) - keep us posted on that. I'll certainly be pledging for your first premium, next marathon.


Joe said...

At the least, I'd leave the archive up and keep us posted on your events. If you get that FMU show, I'll listen online, and if there are compilations forthcoming, consider my money spent. This has been a great blog for its whole run, my favorite, hands down. Thanks.

Ben plays trombone said...

This blog's been an excellent education for me too, but I'm THRILLED that you're coming to NYC! I live here. What's your plan?

Leila said...

Hello Frank

I've been so happy to listen to the 'old' tunes that my uncle who is passed now used to listen to on a old turntable in Porto Novo...

Thank you so much for digging and sharing.

Please leave all these treasures online!!And post other mixes..
Let us know about the radio program when you know more.

A wa nou kaka fofo.

Frank said...

No real plan yet. I'll try and find an adequate club once I've arrived there... I'll keep you posted!

Thanx Leila, I've only been in Porto Novo two weeks ago for an interview with Danialou Sagbohan. I love this town, so laid back and friendly.

Nils said...

Thank you a thousand times for the fantastic stories and music you've so generously shared with us. I wish you all success in your new projects. The folks in NYC are lucky to get you!

James said...

Hello Frank, thanks for all the great music. Excellent for commute to work and back. I don't even care now if there's a traffic jam, just more time ti listen.

James - Toronto

Tom Havers said...

Safe travels Frank. Maybe Finewine will set up a welcome home party at APT. Can't wait to hear about the WFMU show now that Mister C is gone.

Frank said...

Hi Tom,

good idea, I'll ask Matt about it...

Anonymous said...

Cheers mate from Australia. Some strong, strong work. Keep the blog up as long as you can....a great testament to your work. Best of luck in NYC.



calumbinho said...

Hey, Frank, i sincerely join in the thank you's, the good luck's, and the wish these mixes could've gone on forever. For the newbies, I'm sure it's been a wonderful way to get started on afrofunk and West African music. For the not-so-newbies, it has been amazing to discover how much was going on in Benin in the 1970s. Particuarly regarding the Poly-Rythmo, since the two compilations that have been released on cd don't do them much justice.
And yes, I think it's a good idea to keep the mixes up and to use the blog to tell us what's cooking in NYC. I have a bunch of friends there who I'm sure would love to go hear this stuff.
Take care, brother.

Manolo said...

thank you very much for all your amazing work ! Hope you never shut down this blog. I will be in NY in august and September, let me know if you play somewhere !
Saravá !
manu from granada (spain)

Flengs said...

Hi Frank,

Voodoofunk is definitely been my favorite blog for the past year. Thank you so much for the stories, pictures and mixes. As for the moment I'm in China, this weekend we made a very nice road trip through Yunnan province. I just had the time to download your latest mixes and they surely added a big deal to this beautiful landscape. So as for the record; China also heard your music. A while ago I gave your mixes to a Chinese friend of mine who owns a bar. The people in the bar were a bit drunk and they immediately started shaking. Now he puts them on every Friday and Saturday night. So there is Chinese people dancing on your Afro every weekend here in Kunming.

What I want to say with this is; African music is the best music there is, and it should be better known to the people. That's why I think it is great you go to NY. I wish you all the best with moving house and resettling in America. As I commented before; you gave us a valid reason to visit America.

I am also looking out to see this documentary. I agree with the other people about keeping your blog online. I have been trying to tell a lot of people this is the best blog around. Would be nice if they have a chance to look around for another bit.

Greeting from China and hope to see you soon in NY!

Frank Hitman

Kevin said...


Thanks for all of the rare treasures you have shared with us from your travels throughout Africa. Your blog is truly one of the most amazing representations of Afro-beat, high-life, fuzz-funk, afro-psych anywhere on the net. Thanks for taking us on the journey along with you. I look forward to hearing more about your WFMU radio show, and please keep the blog up as a testament to your diligence and hard work. Peace and good luck to you!

Best regards, Kevin


gavin said...

well, all I can say is thank you so much for this wonderful blog, it's a shame it's coming to an end now,but then everything does eventually.

but please do keep this online even if you're not making any more additions as it's a fabulous resource, and gives some exposure to all those underrated African musicians many of us would never have heard otherwise

thanks again and good luck for the future

ps, "some reissues are planned" wonderful news :)

FM SHADES said...

WOW MAN, just saved all your mixes... its going to be a sweet summer on the porch listening to your mixes. I think the total time clocks in at around 21hrs! that should do! for now...
best journeys.


Anonymous said...

Big Inspiration. Big Respect. Thank you for it all

If ever in the city of Cambridge UK. Drop me an email:

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

I hate to play a skipping record but I too have found voodoo funk to be my favourite blog from the last year that I've known it. My girlfriend is Nigerian and we're going there next year for a visit so I'm hoping by bringing your mixes along I'll get some browny points with the family! Seriously though, my ears have been opened to gold I might never had known if not for your efforts. Thanks mate, you've got a friend in Brisbane.

Fitz said...

OR...you could continue posting great stuff...just in case, you know, the whole not-blogging thing doesn't work out...

20 Cent said...

Just felt I couldn't let you leave without a little thanks. You're blog is amazing, It made me dreaming so much. I wish you all the best and I can't wait to see the full version of "Before It's too Late" !! The trailer is huge !
Thanks again Mister Frank !!!!

Cole said...

I just got turned on to your blog. A guy at Chatty Mouth said "You owe it to yourself to check out VooDoo Funk Blot". He was right. You are living my dream man! What an adventure and what GREAT music you are posting. From the bottom of my heart.. Thank You.

Africolombia said...

Hey Frank,
Good luck in you new home,

Buena suerte en su nuevo hogar


Chris said...

Just to echo the previous comments, many many thanks for sharing your fascinating experiences and mind-blowing music.
All the best with the move to the states, and I will be eagerly awaiting any re-issues that come out of your discoveries.

Vincent the Soul Chef said...

What can I say, you've given us all a tremendous amount of Afrobeat pleasure. I for one am thankful to have discovered your mixes since the days at Konzeptlos and look forward to your future endeavours. Thanks for all the great stories and music that you've shared over the past year. Best of luck to you and have a safe trip.

Peace and blessings...

Mike Rogers said...

You can't just leave like this!

I am absolutely gutted, but I guess I'll just have to get over it.

Many many thanks for all you have done. All the best for the future. Take care.

rb said...

I have really enjoyed learing more about African music since I came across your blog a year back.
I am in NYC today, and I was planning to catch Mr Finewine last night at Botanica on Houston, but something else came up.

Long Live Voodoo Funk.

When I return to NYC, I hope to catch you live sometime.
Thanks for all of your hard work.


jon said...

Frank, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your fantastic Blog. Thanks to you I have had the chance to be an armchair African Crate Digger. The music is fabulous. Please keep the blog up, and if you feel you have time and inclination, please please post some more mixes. I mean, how many records have you got now? You can't stop, especially since you found another Ferry Djimmy 45! ;-)
Good luck in NY and thanks for your inciteful and fascinating posts over the last year.
Jon - Cambridge UK

Friday said...

I stumble on your site, and now you are an everyday companion while I write stories and paginate a weekly newspaper in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Thank You! I think your blog is amazing.

Cyril said...

Hey Frank, i was listening the mix again and i just noticed the excellent creation's track "noble kings", very very nice. Any one got more info about this band ?

Frank said...

It's Dr. K. Gyasi from Kumasi in Ghana. His only Afrobeat effort. The reord was recorded in England during a European tour in the early 70s and mixed in Germany. There record was released in Ghana and in Germany with different covers and both versions are very hard to find.

Ricci said...

After all ONE comment at least. Thank you very very much for posting this wonderful music. I'm listening to it for months; I recommended your blog to friends and they all love it.

from Berlin, Germany

guillaume said...

if you need to host this blog, let me know I have a server with unlimited space

The Basement Rug said...


You've done a tremendous job on the blog. I have always looked forward to your posts to see what adventure you would be having next. Don't feel obliged to keep this blog going - lots of music blogs have come and gone over the last 4 years - as it is a lot of work. Definitely keep it up as an archive, as it is already like a museum of Afro-funk. If you can arrange it, you should consider organizing as many of your "finds" as possible in some sort of gallery showing, with some of your better mixes playing in the background. Incidentally, if you need a mirror host for your mp3 and/or podcast files, I can host them at The Basement Rug at www.basementrug.com - just let me know.


Frank said...

hey Rugrat,

thanx for your input.
I think I'll leave the blog as it is though.
Those who newly discover it should explore it piece by piece as long as they enjoy it. I don't feel any need to do any "re-packaging". I think the mix of record-related and non-record-related content is what makes this a hopefully interesting read. I'm not continuing the blog because it was about my 3 year stay in Africa which has come to an end last July. I'll keep on posting any updates on my DJ ventures here in NYC or other places on the front side but the blog itself is a finished work and won't be altered or added to.



Uncle Samurai said...

What you have done is amazing!
That's all.
Happy holidays from California!

I help run this site

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

peskypesky said...

Your blog is one of the great wonders of the world.

Peter said...

Where on earth does this Fela tune come from? Is it on any of his LPs??


Frank said...

Beautiful Dancer is not only one of Fela's best but also one of his rarest tracks that was only released on a 45 with picture sleeve. Have a look at the cover:



faud said...

I listen you mix with a good beer..beautiful wheather, beautiful de frank with the professionnals;
thanks again frank

chris_c said...

thx! can't wait to give it a listen

Anonymous said...

It would rude of me to download, play & shug without saying a massive RESPECT for the mix, particularly for including Beautiful Dancer... cannot get enough of that tune. Awesome. Hope to see/hear you in New Zealand one day, Tim