Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More West African Disco, just for you! -MP3-

April 29th 2008

I'm slowly getting myself mentaly prepared to come out of retirement and start dj-ing again when moving to NYC in July. Now I find myself in a deep inner conflict about what to do with all those African Disco records that I found within the past three years. At first, I used to put them all in the "for eventual sale" box. After some time though, I found a guilty pleasure in playing these records and dancing around the house while my wife (who hates Disco) was at work. I used to despise Disco myself and when going to a Funk night, always complained when the DJ would also play some Disco. Therefore I don't feel it would be a good idea to mix this stuff into an Afrobeat and Afro Funk set. Maybe I should create myself a secret parallel identity as a Disco DJ? Or maybe I should just go ahead, get rid of all the Disco & Boogie and stick with the Afrobeat and the Funk?

Recently, I received a thank-you from a reader who used the cheesy power of the LAGOS DISCO INFERNO to (without going into detail) get laid... maybe this should already be encouragement enough?

Why don't you help me a bit with the decision making by listening to this mix and letting me know what you think about it. Click on the image below and try to enjoy!

00:00 Ipa Boogie - get the music now
07:00 Jo Tongo - jangolo
11:40 Hugh Masekela - the boy's doin' it
15:30 Okyerema Asante - sabi
29:15 Carlos & Miki - walking down the river
35:15 Kris Okotie - she'll never go home
38:52 Sidiku Buari - kinyia al kawali
42:05 Esbee Family - gin and lime
47:20 Jake Sollo - african gypsy
53:45 Don Bruce & the Angels - funk 'a' boogie


Joe said...

Wow. Is that a C-3PO costume he's wearing?

Bwrecka said...

I live in NYC. Do let us know when you return and when you will be DJing. We will come!

Frank said...

I'll keep you posted!


Lord von Schmitt said...

Brilliant. Actually even better than the last one, and that is really saying quite a lot. Thank you. The inferno is roasting me alive!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

fantastik dude, dirty junky disko fever i just been on your trip west africa rules the beats

jon said...

Keep it! Cheese is an integral part of a balanced musical diet. If the audience don't like like it they can piss off. After all, they should be there to hear YOU playing music you like, you're a star ;-) and you're the selector. . . innit? Anything you can do to annoy narrow minded purists is cool in my book.

thursdayborn said...

1. this mix KILLS
2. disco is not cheese
3. let me know when you come to nyc


Frank said...

I'm going to arrive on July 2nd.
Are you in NYC?
I bought two "best off" tapes by Danialou Sagbohan when I met him in April and actually wanted to get in touch with you about where I could mail them to. If you're in NYC we could just as well meet for a beer (or two). get in touch with me: frank@voodoofunk.com



Hun said...

hey frank,
i has the just for you mix on my ipod for a while and didnt know where i got it from. i listened to it maybe already more than 20 times. i am happy to realize where it comes from and where i can get more more more...

awesome journey, thanks for sharing!


Jeremy said...

This mix is the fucking shit. Thank you so much for introducing me to this awesome afro disco!!

sj1 said...

Big Up, way up, to you for all your postings. happy that you're back stateside. i was born and grew up in West Africa and the memories keep flooding back. We will definitely come up from DC to new york to catch your gig. also i am an ethnomusicologist with an interesting collection as well.Who knows. maybe a collaboration some day.cheers and thanks

Frank said...

Hey sj1,
get in touch, maybe we can do something in Washington togetehr one day.


secret-rendezvous said...

You are completely right, disco is shit. Now all you have to do is give me all your afro disco records, and you will be clear of all your sins. I promise to take good care of the buttery afro disco tunes, ahem i mean crap, for you.

R2-D2 said...

> Or maybe I should just go ahead,
> get rid of all the Disco &
> Boogie and stick with the
> Afrobeat and the Funk?

"Get Rid"? I think NOT!

Keep. Let your wife put up with.

Frank said...

My love for Nigerian Disco has since been growing stronger and stronger and I'm actually getting ready for starting a monthly Lagos Disco party starting June 20th!

There was a time... said...

got copy of IPA boogie for sale?

Frank said...

yes, get in touch with me via email by using the link to th eright underneath the t-shirts.

Paaat said...

Hey Frank,
I must tell you that some of the tunes you give us is simply the grooviest I have ever heard.
I never get tired of listening to them.

Thank you VERY much for all the sweat, blood and tears you obviously put in to this.