Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beyond the Beat! -MP3-

April 29th 2008

Here are some of the tracks found on this last trip that probably aren't dancefloor material (perhaps with the exception of Mamo Lagbema's "zambo zambo"). Nevertheless, this is some incredible music. Check out the two haunting Blues songs by El Rego towards the end! Sorry about the static humm on the track by Les Ambassadeurs... there's something wrong with the electrical grounding at our house and I think that's what caused this problem. If I get around to it, I'll re-record the mix but I can't promise. Time is tight and preparing for a transcontinental move from West Africa to NYC turns out to be a big pain in the neck...

Click on the image to listen:

00:00 Les Volcans - la vie
03:53 Poly Rythmo - assibavi
08:30 Mamo Lagbema - zambo zambo
12:14 Coffi G. Adjaho - akoue yehoue
17:10 Thony Adex & the Sedico System - olomoge tonjo
20:22 Les Ambassadeurs - wassolon foli
27:37 African Brothers Int. Band - odo beku me
32:12 ? (white label from Benin)
34:43 Bembeya Jazz - waraba
39:41 Danialou Sagbohan - t'assi srongnin
44:10 Keletigui et ses Tambourins - donsoke
48:12 El Rego - ke amon gbetcha
51:34 El Rego - vive le renouveau
56:10 Poly Rythmo - aholoye


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James said...

found your blog a few months ago through ross simonini's article in the voice. amazing stuff that has helped get me through the cold bleak world that is winter in new york.


Kali said...

Hmmm :) thanks !