Monday, April 28, 2008

back home in Conakry

April 28th 2008

I just got back to Conakry after a one month long digging road trip through Ghana, Togo and Benin. For the entire time I was followed around by NY documentary film maker Leigh Iacobucci. Highlights were interviews with El Rego, Gustave Bentho (Poly Rythmo), Danialou Sagbohan and a Ghanian DJ legend who shall remain anonymous for the time being. My favorite moment was when Gilles, the son of Gnonnas Pedro performed his fathers Afrobeat bomb "okpo videa bassouo" which was included on the LIFE IS A GAME mix.
I promise to post up a trailer as soon as possible.

New mixes should be up later this week

Here are some of the finds from this trip:
Click on image for a beter view!

Some of the 45s:


Jarrett said...

GREAT IMAGES! I'm looking forward to hearing some new stuff as I dig through your old stuff!

Joe said...

Nice. Some of these appear to be in great shape, too! You found an LP I especially covet in the Jo Tongo album--I've wanted to hear the rest of that ever since "Piani" crossed my ears a few years ago.

Cyril said...

OMG ! Some really nice stuff there ! How is the "Week end with Vis-a-Vis" ? Is it an Ofori Brothers record ?
I think i don't need to go to Africa in way to digging records... There is no more ones now :)

Frank said...

The Week end with the Vis-a-Vis is on Ofori Brothers, it's a nice Highlife-Pop LP. Nothing too funky on there. The Jeff Tagoe LP, also on ofori Brothers and backed by the Vis-a-Vis has a really nice track on it (check out the latest mix).