Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tropical Static -MP3-

February 5th 2008

Here is a new mix with records that I found in N'Zerekore.

"Tropical Static" includes records from Guinea, Mali and Senegal of course heavily focusing on the Guinean side. Funk heads beware: This is not "club music". Big shout out to Chris Meserve who helped me to appreciate the more traditional side of African music and who therefore deserves all the blame for this one. Sorry about the sometimes pretty loud crackle... some of these records got played quite a bit by their original owners.

Click on image to listen:

00:00 Keletigui et ses Tambourins -bakary dian
03:49 Balla -Sara '70
13:43 Bembeya Jazz -Moussogbé
20:50 Niandan Jazz -niandan
25:05 Orchestre Horoya Band de Kankan -n'banlassouro
27:38 Camayenne Sofa -m'borin
32:14 Balla et ses Baladins -paulette
39:51 Bembeya Jazz -ballaké
47:51 Lamine Konté -moune ma ko
51:05 UCAS Band de Sedhiou -waite-nao
56:47 Les Ambassadeurs du Motel -wara


Anonymous said...

Hey Frank - thanks sooo much for all four of these wonderful mixes ... and the stories and pics!!!
TROPICAL STATIC seems to get stuck ie stop at 8.99MB of the 89.9MB registered ... I have tried this twice while listening on my WMP ... will try and direct target save and will come back again if that does not work either ... thanks again
Chris A

Comb & Razor said...

alas! new entries! and new mixes!

can't wait to check these out...

Joe said...

Cool! Glad to see we're going to get to hear the Cuban stuff, too. I think it's good to get away from the Afrobeat stuff and into other styles now and then, much as I love the funky, fuzzy stuff.

seandonson said...

Thank you so much, Tropical Static is incredible! Now if only the sun would come out...

Frank said...

Hi Chris A,

I tried from here and Tropical Static seems to load without a problem, I don't think anyone else is experiencing any problems either?

perspixe said...

Bembeya Jazz is wonderful. I'm crazy about this kind of stuff. The whole thing is sunny and full of deep emotions. Thanks Frank

Shawn said...


I'm also finding that Tropical Static sticks at the same place Chris A. mentioned.

Thanks for everything.


Anonymous said...

i only got a bit of the tropical static as well. (the fist song is very excellent!)

your blog is dope, by the way.

Frank said...

I heard from a few people who had trouble downloading this one. I don't know what's up but if you try repeatedly it should work.

Marisa said...

thanks so much frank! all of your mixes are awesome, they help get me through my corporate work day...

you are way cooler than the other frank: http://www.last.fm/music/Frank

Chewie said...


What happened to the Cuban stuff?

Frank said...

Sorry... I removed the Cuban mix. I'm in the process of makign a few edits to the blog and I felt it was thematically a little out of place.