Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Feeling You Got -MP3-

February 5th 2008

Only a few days left and I'm off to Accra...
For the past two days, I camped out at the MouNa internet cafe in downtown Conakry. The connection was exeptionally good and with all the German discipline and consistency I could muster, I was able to upload a whole bunch of pictures and a total of 4 new mixes. A big thank you goes out to Jonas who's hosting this mp3.

I hope all more traditional stuff I posted lately didn't scare away any of the Afrobeat fanatics... Here's a new mix for you guys: Some wild, early Beninoise "Jerk" (doesn't the first track sound a bit like Cpt. Beefheart?) and some serious Nigerian Afrobeat byIkenga Super Stars, Tunji Oyelana & The Benders and Smahila & The SBs:

Click on the image and enjoy!

00:00 Super Star de Ouidah -feeling you got
03:24 Picoby Band -minaleko
06:47 Orchestre Anassoua Jazz -midjomido
10:27 Poly Rythmo -amon noude ya oudou
14:49 Super Borgou de Parakou -a na dan garo ka nam
19:48 Anos Band de Parakou -kimikssoute kiyo
25:55 Ikenga Super Stars -nwannemu oho
34:14 The Benders -oloti
40:00 Smahila and the S.B.s -natural points
57:42 Exile One -massa


Anonymous said...

wow wow wonderful mixes as usual
i cant thank you enough
have a nice time in ghana & be safe /mats

Cyril said...

Awesome... the Orchestre Anassoua Jazz and the Anos Band tracks are just fantastic. Merci ;)

jon said...

The best Blog ever, bar none! Can't thank you enough Frank.
My ex brother in law worked in Kenya, and had to be the one to tell an african collegue's wife of her husband's death in a road accident. Her first words on hearing the news were " But everybody liked him! ".
I don't think the laws of chance as we 'understand' them are in the cultural lexicon in many parts of Africa (?). Perhaps there are percieved to be no such things as accidents, and some malign influence is always assumed to be to blame.
It would explain the driving I think.

Anonymous said...

Frank, you ARE the man!!!

You can't even imagine how much it means to me what you do here... I've been thinking of ways to return the favor but I'm lost...

Keep it up and god bless you!


Olavo di Txada said...

Basically, I use the downloads to keep my colleagues and friends and family happy! It works!!!
The afrobeats put them in trance. May the vibes spread and finally reach you, too, Frank!
Education is and must be fun, and that is a fact. Dixit

Anonymous said...

Superbes mix, as usual !
Mille mercis pour la découverte de tout ce funk vodoo!
Amitiès de la part de laurent à Francois du coté de Grand Popo si tu repasses par là!
Je suis un pote de NicolasMoncadas de Paris à qui j'ai fait découvrir ton blog( cf Sagbohan Danialou).
Je navigue avec avidité sur VoodooFunk.
En attente de nouveau mix.


That is easily one of the best mixes of any kind of music I have experienced lately. Thank you.

I will recommend this particular MP3 to several of my webby friends.

Check out my beer/music/general crudeness blog:


vincent the soul chef said...

It is indeed a great privilege to have you back with us. Your continued mp3 blessings will bring me joy for many years to come.

Peace and blessings.

bravo juju said...

where's the link for this one cant find it

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comments. As someone who has spent a fair amount of time in internet cafes in remote towns in developing countries, I have huge respect for someone spending an entire day just so people like me can, once again, enjoy a very special mix of sounds. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

bravo juju said...

cant find the link to this one, some help please.
nice blogue

Frank said...

Sorry, bravo juju,

I forgot to mention that as usual, you just have to click on the image to download the mp3...

Krishna said...

I really want to thank you for sharing these great mixes!
Much love from Holland.

Roddus said...

I am trying to find out about any albums by Tunji Oyelana & The Benders, I see you have a benders track on this mix and i have 3 other benders tracks on my computer also, but not sure if I got them from you.
Any way they are exellent and i wonder weather you have found any albums by them or just 45s? A web serch dosn't turn up much except they appear on some compilation Cds.

Totally Digging these sounds.


Frank said...

I think I have 4 LPs by the Benders. You should go and buy the Nigeria Special compilations on Soundway Records. They are all well researched anf besides loads of incredible music, they also provide plenty of background information on the artists.

Norman Möschter said...

I love this. Thanks a lot. Great effort, great music.