Thursday, February 7, 2008

Beware -MP3-

February 8th 2008

Here's another mixed bag with some Afro Latin, Afro Disco, Afro Funk and Afro Pop from Nigeria, Benin, Togo and Ivory Coast.
One of my favorite tracks here is Sagbohan Danialou, a musical legend in Benin who was featured in Nicolas Moncadas' amazing movie documentary "l'Homme Orchestre". If you know what's good for you, you better try and track down some of his work, there are a few clips to be found on YouTube to wet your appetite. Nicolas managed to capture the beauty and unique feel of the country of Benin and its vibrant culture and I sincerely hope that his work will soon receive the attention it deserves.

In the meanwhile, click the image below (showing multi-instrumentalist Sagbohan Danialou behind the drums), sit back and enjoy the sounds.
Thanx to my friend Cyril, who's jumped in to help me out with the hosting!

Here's the tracklist:

00:00 Leon & Germain Keita -dalaka
07:51 Antoine Dougbe -nounignon man kpon midji
13:24 Yom Yem Kombination -get on 'n' do it
20:55 Poly Rythmo -moulon devia
29:50 Djinns Music -djinns musi'c time
35:05 Bailly Spinto -djamo djamo
41:47 Sagbohan Danialou -ossi
47:51 Funkees -akula dwu onyeara pt.1
51:47 Bella Bellow -dasi ko
55:48 M.F.B -beware

Sorry about the horribly crackly quality of "akula dwu onyeara" by the Funkees. That's a pretty damn hard record to find and this beat up copy is the only one I ever came accross... Edit:


tomhavers said...

Another great set, thanks Frank!

Chip said...

Thank you very much! I just found your blog and the content is great.

The Squeegee said...


Anonymous said...

mats says
wow one more mix of fantastic music
that cant be found elsewhere & the great poly rythmo is in it too
many many thanks frank

Al Greer said...

Thanks again Frank - good stuff.

aduna said...

Hello Frank,
More you post tunes of Poly Rythmo and more I wonder how it's possible that they haven't had a more international influence. It seems that the Poly Rythmo has long been a well-kept secret. Thanks to share them with us today. Not forgetting all these great bands and songs that you let us find out.

Frank said...

The output of Poly Rythmo is absolutely mindblowing, both in quality as well as in quantity. Don't forget that besides the Funk and Psych stuff, they recorded tons on Traditional stuff and various Latin styles. They also recorded not only in Benin but also in Ghana and Ivory Coast where they also had releases on local labels. You find their records all over West Africa. They definitely were a huge international influence. Unfortunatelly, they never went intercontinental...

perspixe said...

Ohhh. Yom Yem straight after Antoine Dougbe and then back to Poly Rythmo. I love your sense of putting things together! Just flying, flying high. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I have to see that Sagbohan movie, he is amazing and continues to put out fantastic music even today... My favorite contemporary African musician and perhaps one of the few who manages to sound so grassroots and modern simultaneously. I have an untitled CD-R (with I assume is a comp of two recent tape releases) recorded with a full band (guitar, bass, drums, brass and percussion) and it's stunning. And what a voice. West-Africa's best kept secret if you ask me. - Tom

Shubhayu said...

Stumbled across this treasure-trove by accident, and I will be more than delighted is such accidents happen more often. Be sure that this blog is going to be part of my daily-web-pilgrimages !! Happy digging for more Soul Gold !!
p.s. Can I download this stuff?

Anonymous said...

thanks frank - all your mixes excite me ... but beware somehow hit an additional spot ... chris a s africa

Frank said...

Hi Shubhayu,

to download the mp3s:

for Windows, right-click - save-target-under...

for Mac, hold down option-key while clicking on link.



Anonymous said...

Hi Frank,

the mix is down - any chance of a re-up?

Frank said...

Sorry, must have missed this one when I re-hosted all of the mixes. Should work now. Thanks for your visit!