Monday, December 3, 2007

Big Beats, Sweet Talks & Psychedelic Aliens -MP3-

December 3rd 2007

As promised, here's one hour of Funk, Soul, Psych & Afrobeat. All records were found on my last trip to Ghana.
All tracks besides Marijata, Ashantis and Uhuru Dance Band are 45s originating from Big Mama Unice's Drinking Spot

Prepare yourself for a barrage of Drum Breaks, Horn Stabs and Organ Swirls!

click on image to listen:

00:00 I. Garison Organisation - move them
05:45 Psychedelic Aliens - blofonyobi wo atale
08:35 Assagai - cocoa
12:40 African Brothers -don't forget
15:45 Psychedelic Aliens - extraordinary woman
18:45 The Big Beats - kyenkyema
21:40 The BBQs - aya lolo
25:25 The Sweet Talks - mampam sukuruwe
29:30 Freedom Family - holly worshipping
33:05 Uhuru Dance Band - i know my mission
36:35 Marijata - i can say
41:45 Ashantis - i got my troubles
45:15 The Big Beats - mi nsumoo bo donn
48:45 Fela Ransome Kuti - who're you?
52:42 Uhuru Dance Band - yahyia mu
56:45 I. Garison Organisation - easy soul


Joe said...

My head just exploded. Bloody awesome mix, Frank. I finally get to hear the mysterious Psychedelic Aliens.

Cyril said...

Ahhhh !! Back to the Funk :)
Frank this is really a great mix. Thanks again for sharing. I can't stop listening The big Beats & the I. Garison Organisation tunes. The BBQs is just... FANTASTIC..very very deep sound... Definitely, i will never stop discover new awesome bands and tunes ! For sure, i will listening this mixe during weeks !

Cyril said...

In addition of my previous comment, i just want to let you know about the "Bokoor Beats" record (Unfortunately on CD only) released in june 2007.
No need from me to describe the tarcks list and story about the record : just clic the links for more informations :

Anonymous said...

you made it again frank
1 more wonderful mix
many many thanks from mats in sweden

Joe said...

This Freedom Family track is a really nice surprise--absolutely killer guitar part.

Do you know if that Assagai record was a Ghanaian pressing? That record was cut in Britain by a mostly South African band (Dudu Pukwana was a member), so I'm curious whether the copy you have was imported to Ghana or made there.

Frank said...

the Assagai track is from a 45 on Philips, blue label. There's no reference to where the record was pressed on the label itself but it was in a Nigerian Philips company sleeve. My guess is that it's a Nigerian press because all the other 45s from this batch were local, West African pressings.

Joe said...

Cool. I can't get over how sick the extended drum break in this first Psychedelic Aliens song is. Thanks again for this amazing mix, Frank.

matt said...

Matsuli Blog of the Year Award!
Frank runs the voodoo down once more (aka Vinyl archeology and adventure). Big shout out to you at my site this week commands people to visit! All the best

Frank said...

Hey Matt,

thanx! That's very flattering!



calumbinho said...

Frank runs the voodoo down indeed, he he (that was a real good one, matt)!
Man, I am one of those who has fully supported your not-strictly-funk posts, and I haven't changed my mind, but after this one I gotta add... please, keep that afrofunk going too!!! I've found this mix particularly mindblowing. You must've grown pretty used to expressions of gratitude, but man, thanks and thanks and thanks, again and again and again!!! said...

stone sounds/sublime mix! killer, killer, killer!

jg said...

6 out of 6 stars!!!

The best mix yet. The work you're doing is amazing. Enjoying everything you do!

odrigo said...


Yr blog is a true jewel, after freakin over Fela for some years, you're taking me deeper into west African soul/funk/grooves . . . i finally "get" Hi-life with big mama unice's hi-life mix!!!! Muuuuuchos thankyous!!!!!! and ya dont stop!!!!

un abrazo fuerte de las islas canarias


Funky Trev said...

Hey there, Absoulutely awesome mix. This is bliss ! Been an afrobeat nut for years and to find this wonderful goldmine is truly christmas come early. Thanks for sharing it mate - a true gift !

Anonymous said... name is husband usually downloads your mixes for me but i thought i should say how much i enjoy them....

im no purist...i like it have great taste...

always make me shake my thang..


Frank said...

Thanx for your comments,
Keep on shaking that thang Ana, I used to be a bit of a Funk purist but I gave up on that soon after arriving in West Africa some 30 months ago. There is just too much great music around here to limit oneself to Funk and Afrobeat. One of the greatest features of African Music is its diversity.

I'm in N'Zerekore in Guinea's forest region right now and I've already found some interesting stuff. Strangely enough, I found a whole bunch of Cuban records that have some surprisingly funky moments... however these got into the Guinean forest -I don't have any idea.

Also found some nice deep sounds from Mali and Senegal along with a whole bunch of Guinean releases that still have been missing in my collection.

More later!


Anonymous said...

anonymer applaus aus deutschland für die grossartige pionierarbeit die du leistest frank. dein handeln ist eine grosse bereicherung für mich und ich finds spiiiitze. grüsse aus augsburg
dj tokito (ehem. wiener blut)

djkit-dj fanis said...

happy new year!!!
all the best and keep on sharing all those diamonds from africa with us poor people!!!


Tonegent said...

Wowowowowow! Just discovered your site today and your mixes are blowin' my mind! You're my new hero, sir... thank you!


I have been enjoying your mixes for quite a while now. This particular one was excellent. Keep it up, and thank you.

Tony said...


Thanks so much man. Pure murderousness!

Anonymous said...

Dear 'Big' Frank,

I think things need to go further than a 'thank you' here. I agree with and enjoy everyones comments but the fact is - what you're doing is 21st century altruism. Some of the fiercest music I and any of us have ever heard so big, big thank you! Good friend of mine is over in Ghana now for Cup of Nations collecting records, sticks, friends and nice hats. You there?

Anonymous said...

Frank - you ever been to Guyana (Georgetown, British Guyana)? I've seen many things but Georgetown and Bartika still remain the best open air, raw, riverside roots nights I've ever been to.

Luke - 'Mr Stuffing'

Frank said...

I'll go to Ghana in two weeks when the Cup hysteria has calmed down again... never been a big soccer fan really. Is your friend going to stick around or take off after the cup?

Luke, no, I've never been to Guyana nor any other South American country and I'm pretty certain that this has to change at some point.

I'll have some new mixes up soon, so please keep checking!



dAAN said...

Thank you so much for giving us all this stuff, feckin hell, that makes me happy!

Wacky said...

Marijata - i can say is such a wonderful track and will probably spend the rest of my life trying to track it down.

Greg said...

Wow. I wondered when I'd fing Linden Lee and the Big Beats 45 Kyenkyema/Mi nsumoo bo donn.
Those two still come from outer space to me.

Now I get to strap in and hear all those others songs I've never heard.

Slamming! Thanks champ!

loik said...

thanks for your passion,The music you give us access to is AMAZING you make ours days better

Vince said...

This is the best Afro-Funk mix I've ever heard! Totally blown away...

Pablo said...

Absolutely marvelous !
Vielen dank Frank !

Cheers from Lebanon !

Eric said...

Marijata: I LOVE IT ! All the rest is excellent too!
thank you a 1,000 times !

Merci beaucoup depuis Lyon, France

Anonymous said...

yo frank, you did it again....freedom family, big beats....KEEP THE FUNK ALIVE MY MAN

cheers from the Philippines