Thursday, November 8, 2007


November 8th 2007

This is the first mix from what I found this past month.
I started with the Afrobeat finds.
Two more mixes, one with Funk/Disco/Boogie and another one with African Blues/Jazz/Folk will follow within the next few weeks.
Please click on the image to listen:


Kojo said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for 1 more wonderful mix
its so nice of you to share this
music that is impossible to get
elsewhere & big thanks for the nice pictures & stories
/mats in sweden

Anonymous said...

amazing as always! keep up the good work, it is really worth the effort. brings joy in our grey working days. all i see all day is my monitor, still, i feel like i'm taken on a journey to the heart of 1970s Africa. the heat is definitely on. thank you so much

gabor (from budapest rigt now in london)

Anonymous said...

Your site is amazing. Never stop!

perspixe said...

That's another great one! Thanks!
You're nice! please carry on.

Cyril said...

It's dancing Time !! ;) Thanks

Matthias said...

Super awesome once more!

Anonymous said...

I'm hooked...Thanks! :)
Very interesting stories too!

Comb & Razor said...

great mix (as always!)

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for these great mix's. I just found this blog and I'm speechless. Keep the soul and vibe pumping. PEACE and LOVE to you

Brooklyn, NY

Alan said...

Awesome! Thank you so much for making this music so easy to listen to!!
Great photos too. :)
I really appreciate your time and effort.

John B. said...

Ha! "Funky Rob Way" is obviously derived indirectly from the song "Funky Broadway," which was first written & released by Dyke & the Blazers, an R&B band from my home town, Phoenix, Arizona. It was later covered by Wilson Pickett & innumerable others.

Of course, the tune isn't really the same, but I'm sure ol' Dyke (may god rest his soul) would be happy to know that his influence has been felt as far afield as Benin, West Africa.

Great mix, as usual. I agree with the person who posted here a while ago - it's time to write a book!

(Any progress on the CD front?)

Frank said...

Rob actually hails from Ghana and not from Benin but I guess you're right with your assessment regarding "funky broadway".

I took the book suggestion as a compliment but I strongly believe that there are already way too many autobiographical books out there written by white men about their "African experience"...

I'm working on the reissue thing. The often unclear licensing situation is a bit discouraging...

Martijn said...

Your site is amazing, I can't stop listening. I'm looking forward to the Funk/Disco/Boogie mix. Thanks for the great music!

John B. said...

Well, if you do put out a CD, you've GOT to include "Funky Rob Way." The wah-wah just blows my mind! And Ferry Djimmy, of course. The Francois Lougah tune is also very good.

MrC said...

big thanks .. gonna play this loud in my car - am sure glad they haven't banned dancin' whilst drivin'!

casabase said...

Oh man, this is paradise!
south of Italy

jon said...

Couldn't see a text file with the tracklist, and as I was doing one for my own reference - here it is.

00.00 Poly Rhythmo -mede mayi me se
03.55 Anassooa Jazz de Parakou - gnicou sourou
06:48 Francios Lougah - doukou dolyo
9:58 Veve Star - bassala hot
18:35 Les Volcans - gleno ho akue
24:00 Poly Rhythmo - ma dou sou nou mi o
28:52 The Steneboofs - b.b.
32:32 Rob - funky rob way
38.40 Honorore Avolonto - tin lin non
47:26 Anassooa Jazz de Parakou - kolera
50:32 Fela Anikulapo Kuti - no agreement
58:10 Sonny Okosun - oenigbo

great mix as always. Facinating photos too.

Tim said...

Frank, mate, I'm off to Ghana for the football in January. Any tips on bars etc to catch some good music? Cheers, Tim
Hot damn, my stereo is smokin' with this stuff!

Frank said...

Hey Tim,

I've only made two attempts at Accra nightlife and had to run out of clubs after about 30 minutes. Not that the music was bad, it wasn't actually bad at all (although don't expect to hear any afrobeat). Clubs are just plain raunchy... not at all the right environment for any married man with at least one loyal bone left in his body. You'll see for yourself! Have fun, but watch yourself. The club downstairs the hotel I'm staying is closed due to a machete attack a few weeks back...

Tim said...

Okay then...I guess I'll leave the machete at home and look for quieter spots for drinking. Thanks for the tip. If I unearth any musical gems during my sober moments and between matches, I'll be sure to share them with you. Cheers, Tim in Oslo.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! This mix is absolutely incredible. What great music I would very likely never hear if it weren't for you. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Anonymous said...

You sir, are the man. True dedicated funk soldier. Thanks for a full blown tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the excellent music, journey and inspiration! I have shared my knowledge of this blog with many people.

It was good to feel sunshine in the music you have taken the time to help us find. Driving the car in cold northern europe felt goooood!

Anonymous said...

A powerful site - with some hard work put in. Of course the joy you have found digging up these little treasures would be much dulled if it weren't for playing and sharing this music to fresh ears and especially fans of the Highlife music.

Thanks and keep up the great work you are doing. You are certainly making us all want to dance and get on down.

Peace and Love