Saturday, November 17, 2007

Show Me Your Backside -MP3-

November 17th 2007

Here is the follow-up to the infamous Lagos Disco Inferno Mix. This time, I vowed to show some mercy and opted for more funk and less cheese... What you get is a pretty fresh mix of Disco flavored Funk, Funk flavored Disco and a healthy dose of jaded & decadent and Lagos Boogie like Kio Amachree's "Rat Race City".

I'm in Accra right now. I arrived late last night and after almost being eaten alive by some mutant bedbug from hell, I immediately hit the road with my friend and local agent Alfred. First stop was a sugar cane moonshine bar where Big Mama Unice (yes, I made some pictures...) presented me with a large travel bag full of 45s with all sorts of Hi-Life, Soul, Funk, Psych & Afrobeat. Amongst them the mythical "Psychedelic Aliens" EP that I never quite believed would actually exist. Alone with the pull of this first day, I could easily put together one relentless, hour-long superraw and nasty Afro mix for all you purists out there!

Until then, click her sexy back, sit back and enjoy.
Or even better, get on up and shake your stuff!

00:00 Brigth Engelberts - let me near them say
06:00 Kelenkye Band - moving world
08:08 Rob - boogie on
12:08 Kio Amachree - hot black and sweet
17:17 Johnny Haarstrup - wake up your mind
23:12 The Variations - get on up
27:50 Kris Okotie - show me your backside
31:17 Billy Jones - boojie number 3
34:20 BLO - trace of suicide
38:18 Ofege - majic music
41:46 SJOB Movement - you only live once
51:53 Kio Amachree - rat race city


Anonymous said...

I'm not by nature a violent or aggressive man, but I just might kill to hear that Psychedelic Aliens EP. I'm glad to hear it actually does exist. The last couple of mixes have been truly amazing. Thank you, Frank.

Pieter said...

Enjoy Accra. Looks like another promosing dig (with hopefully no more bedbugs!). Big Mama Unice and a bag of 45s: let the palmwine funk flow...

I'll download this last mix later (in Europe in December). IT provider here increased up/download costs 150%. Maybe you'll have a track of Psychedelic Aliens uploaded by then?



PS Soundway's latest installment of Nigeria funk (2CD/LP) should be out today (up north).

rumba-kali said...

hey nice mix for sure! most of this was totally new to me... but i have a billy jones LP, he was an american singer based in the netherlands.
the track you played is one of his best songs...
did you get all this vinyl in i tried to find info on the variations, seems to be an american band?
by the way i will be in dakar in december, got one digging spot where i will try to visit, if you have any info on 2nd hand vinyl stores to share i'd love to know!

Comb & Razor said...

ha... with the title/picture, i was expecting some Kris Okotie on this mix, but it's still pretty awesome!

RE: Pieter's comment... is the new Soundway comp already out? if so, jeez, why didn't anybody tell me? i thought it wasn't dropping until February!

Comb & Razor said...

oops! just realized that Kris Okotie IS on here!

(my bad!)

even awesomer!

mattgy said...

Wow, great stuff. Thanks, frank.

Matt, from Benn loxo du taccu

Frank said...

haha... no, how could I possibly keep Kris out of this. Doesn't he sound like a cross between Amanda Lear and an early Michael Jackson on this track?

rumba-kali said...

Hey frank that's really fascinating about Billy Jones; he's known here among soul/funk collectors but his biography according to the site of the Dutch pop institute (Dutch only) reads: after military service in Germany, William Oran Jones born on 20 november 45 in Denison, Texas decides to settle in the Netherlands [...] He died in 1982.
So he may have recorded in Nigeria, or someone just released his music there?
As for The Variations, they have released an album titled Africa something... I found it on google yesterday. Interesting that a Nigerian band released music abroad without much reference to their origin...
I have a record by another of those mystery groups, Makonde from Kenya who released a 7-inch and also a (blue vinyl) 12 inch in France. The 7 inch reveals that the song, a mad disco tune with a heavy break that was recently compiled by Kon & Amir (and used to backspin by hip hop deejays in the late 70s), was written by a Greek guy?! whose photo is on the sleeve, too. The lyrics are Swahili though and the label says recorded in Nairobi for EMI. I'd dig to find more info about them.

And... any suggestions for digging in Dakar? I will be out there from 7-15 December... I know of one vinyl sanctuary but the guy is not cheap.

rumba-kali said...

Forgive me for sounding like a record nerd hehee... but here's some more info on that Billy Jones song.
According to his discography the title is 'Badjie Number 3' and it was released on the Dutch Blue Elephant label, produced by this guy: Stan Lokhin (who is Surinamese).

Mystery how it could end up in Lagos! But then again, there have been more out of place releases such as Geraldo Pino 7-inches in Kenya.

Frank said...

To Rumba-Kali:

All records were found in West Africa and are African pressings.
If it's the same Billy Jones, I guess he just eventually relocated to the Netherlands, I'm pretty sure this record is not only pressed but also recorded in Lagos.

The Variations LP is also a Nigerian pressing. I'll check the cover again for further information. The singer sounds very American however but maybe she just studied in the US and moved back, who knows?

A few months back, I met this traditionally clothed Fula girl on the Conakry Airport. She started talking to me because I looked American to her and she explained that she just recently moved back to her family in Guines after having spent many years with relatives in Flatbush Brooklyn. She said she hates not being able to communicate in English any more and with the broadest Brooklyn slang went on and on how much she misses working (and most of all eating) at Popeys Chicken. "I miss my chicken so much... man, I really miss my chicken..."

Me on the other hand, even after having lived in NY for 4 years and for the past 10 years writing 90% of my correspondence in English, I didn't manage to shake my heavy kraut accent.

Frank said...

I guess we'll have to get to the bottom of this... I'll have a closer look on both records once I get back home. What makes all this even more interesting and a real coincidence is that Kio Amachree contacted me yesterday about 4 hours after I posted this mix. He was all surprised to find his old tracks online and (here it gets really interesting) mentioned that "hot black and sweet" had a later single release on UK Arista Records in 1980 and unfortunately didn't sell. An un-googleable major release!

Kio Amachree lives in Sweden now and maybe I'll get a label interested in reissuing the two tracks on this mix as a 45.

Sorry, no clues about Dakar. I've never been there myself.

Good luck!

Al said...

Always good to hear a new mix of yours - thanks!

MrC said...

cool .. can't wait to listen to this dancing around my room with my newborn in my arms - he absolutely loves the heavy african funk style!! (as do i of course)

...happy hunting ;)

MrC ;)

jon said...

An African Album called 'Psychadelic Aliens' ?! Wow! Got to hear that! Pretty please. . . Talk about mystifying and intrigueing. . . Love this blog.

Frank said...

"Psychedelic Aliens" is the name of the band... there is a picture of them playing/falling around on stage on the front cover. I'll post it up and include a track or two on the next mix within the next week or so. Unfortunately, it's a 7" EP with 2 tracks on each side which results in much more narrow and shallow grooves, therefore even surface marks are audible that would not do any harm on a LP or regular 45. It plays without skip though and I'll try to get it cleaned up as much as I can before recording it.

rumba-kali said...

"Psychedelic Aliens" - the name alone is a selling point!

Meanwhile, another Billy Jones clue... It seems like his label had good links abroad, since this 'Badjie number 3' song was also released in Turkey (by the way, Matata from Kenya also had a Turkish release of one of their songs, with a different cover pic)

Maikel von Dekker said...

My God!!!!

Reading your blog, i saw you were at SIRICO disco in Madrid!!!!!! In october!

Oh fuck!!! I use to visit this blog every day, from my work site at the Spanish Ministery of Foreing Affairs and this is the most amazing!!

But the most awesome thing is that i have a post-punk band: Campamento Ñec Ñec (see - Molly Neuman´s Label)and SIROCO is the place where i always play!!! Where was i this day!???

Who is that Iñigo? Iñigo Munster!?? Incredible!

The world is very very small, man!

Have fun visiting Ghana!!!

Thank you so much for this blog!


Frank said...

Hi Miguel,

yes, it was Inigo from Munster Records who had invited me over to Madrid, we had a blast. I hope to come back sometime in the future.

Matt said...

Hey Frank, I paid tribute to your Vampyros Lesbos daze on my blog, Nitro-Retro! - check it out - I hope I did you justice. You've been a big influence on me musically. Be careful out there.
matt B

tropicaljeremy said...

been a fan of this blog for a while - just stumbled across the kris okotie lp while i was in italy. didn't remember i had seen it here first but now i know why it looked familiar. anyway, thanks for all your accounts and amazing mixes!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Frank,

Good to hear someone has tracked down the 4 track ep for the psychedelic aliens!! I am the son of one of the guitarists(Rudy Marshall) I have an original vinyl 7" as well as gig posters from the time and about 100 photos which are all very fond memories for my dad who still actively plays live all these years later. Great to hear some people are into it! I thought i was the only one! I own a record store in Australia - if you check you will see i have uploaded two tracks from the ep as our theme music.

Keep digging dude, these tunes all need to be heard!!!
Reyad JR

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Another Brigth Engelberts track!!!!

Lady Blacktronika said...

I hope you're entering this stuff on

Frank said...

... no, I actually don't even know
People who're interested in this kind of music will sooner or later find this blog.

captain said...

man what an amazing compilation:))
i really like several songs but that two by Kio Amachre are truly crazy good
i guess this is doomed request but if you could rip that album ,i am desperate:)))