Tuesday, November 6, 2007

October's Harvest

November 6th 2007

This is a shrine for Voodoo god Zangbeto who is responsible to protect the village of my friend Landrie outside of Cotonou.

Record agents Landrie and Chakirou with the owner of another collection (left to right). This man was a big Fela Kuti fan and told us some great stories from back in the day...

Fueling up the car at one of the typical black market gas stations

Digging through the dusty back room of a former record store in Parakou.

Memorial outside a settlement of freed slaves west of Ouidah.

When we visited the next day, somebody was home and the sign said "super present". (click on image to enlarge)

This is some of the stuff that we unearthed on this trip.
I've already finished a new mix but due to the shakier than ever internet connection I probably won't manage to upload it from down here and might have to burn the mp3 onto a CDR and mail it to a friend in Europe (Hi Greg!).


Pieter said...

Nice catch, once again!

Love the 'super absent/present' pic.

gotz said...

great news, more african POP music saved from the dust.

I can't wait to listen to some, I hope you're going to edit a nice compilation from those

The Blo phase IV must be crazy and what about d'Almeida Bluecky and the track Bani Wo DZo on Decca from The Black Santiago ?!?

keep on with the heavy dig and thanx for the congolese Sookie from your previous post (already played @ party from my iPod)

Cyril said...

Nice records hunt once again !! i like the kelenkye Band album.... especialy moving world and kelenkye beat tracks !! An other great Lp from Ghana.
By the way nice photos Frank ! Just curious to know if it's easy (allowed) to take pictures of voodoo gods ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank!
your mix is already online so you can link to it.
I love this one, you people all gonna dance.
Peace to everybody.

calumbinho said...

thanks a lot in advance. i feel SO curious about the haastrup album - i wonder if you've ever seen around that Afro-Cult Foundation album he did in the late 1970s...

Wes said...

Great pics!

Anonymous said...


As usual an extraordinary looking collection of new stuff(can't wait!) & great photos to. To my eyes though that sign in the pic says SUPER AbSENT with that small b. What does it all mean?


Frank said...

it's normally not advisable to take pictures of Voodoo shrines except if you're with a friend who knows everybody who's around. Otherwise you might have your camera taken away from you or worse, someone might put a spell on you...

Comb & Razor said...

hmmm.... so Odion Iruoje released a solo album? i had no idea! hope you're gonna put up some tracks from that soon...

oh, and calumbinho... i'll probably be posting the Joni Haastrup album on my blog sometime in the near future.

Tobias said...


I know it's a while ago, but is there any way of getting the Lagos Disco Infero link from a while back up and running again? I don't think it's working. Or maybe it's my connection?

anyways, keep up the greeeeaat work! Truly amazing!

I live in Berlin, is there any way finding out when/if you gonna be playing this stuff here sometime?


Frank said...

Hi Tobias,

the Lagos Disco Inferno Link is still working. From all that I know, it should always have been working as it is hosted on Soulstrut.

I don't know when I will get the next chance to visit Berlin probably not before the summer of 2008 but it will definitely be announced here.



MrC said...

love the shots .. got a bit confused by the voodoo shrine figure, followed by the guys lounging in the room - thought they were like voodoo statues too for a moment! spooky
... keep on huntin'!
peace ;)

sir johann said...

fantastic work as usual. all these records look amazing. i'm looking forward to hear the mixes! keep up the searching.

Sir Ringo Smith said...

First off i wanna say...Great Pics!!!! 2nd i've been looking for that ROB album for YEARS!!!! this site is great because, i never even know what the album looked like if it was not for this site...so BIG UP! also if theres any one that has a copy for sale... i will pay top dollar for a clean copy.