Friday, November 30, 2007

Big Mama Unice's Jazz & Hi-Life -MP3-

November 30th 2007

Here's another non-Afrobeat mix... this time it's mostly Hi-Life, some Jazz, some Blues... it's all pretty deep stuff. All records that were used came from Big Mama Unice's Drinking Spot and I hope you'll get as much pleasure out of these tunes as I do. Some of the songs are quite haunting, "wofee woyaa he ni" by the Sparrows or "mensu" by African Bros. give me the chills everytime I listen to them. But don't worry, I haven't forgotten all you Funk people out there! A break-heavy Soul, Funk, Psych & Afrobeat mix will follow in a few days and it's going to be a real tough one. Funky as hell and not a trace of Disco and that's a promise!

Click on image to listen:

00:00 Sahara All Stars Band Jos - ejim ogu n'ejim ofor (hi-life)
02:45 Vida Rose (Hi-Life Sister No.1) and the Cool Guys - manya mahu me dofo yi
06:00 the Sparrows - wofee woyaa he ni (bra-dipo beat ga)
09:00 St. Augustine & the Rovers Dance Band - (native blues)
15:30 Gerard et Cam - pemba veron 2 (cam)
20:20 All Brothers Band - aboa atea (kalakara)
23:25 E.K.'s No.1 Band - agoro beso a efiri anopa (codril akan)
26:40 African Bros. Int. Band - mensu (slow hi-life)
33:22 C.K. Mann - mebusuafo pe adze aye me (osode)
36:10 Kotoko Big Sound Band - obreguo (malinge in twi)
39:05 T.O. Jazz Band of Ghana - kyebi amaa pa
49:19 Cecilia Akombi's Band - fikyiri bodewa (hi-life)
52:15 Sir Victor Uwaifo - do amen-do (akwete)
55:05 African Bros. Int. Band - nansooben (anakful beat)


Anonymous said...


Just great music!
Like I am back in Ghana.

Respect for your wonderful site


Anonymous said...

mats says: many many thanks frank for sharing this wonderful & rare music here happy us who found this blog

MrC said...

i (as always) look forward to experiencing this mix & the delights held within!
(was slightly dissappointed with the last mix .. some great stuff in it, but personnally i'm not a huge disco queen ... this one looks class though!)

cheers & peace
MrC ;)

Frank said...

haha... I can fully understand your issues with the Disco stuff. I used to be a big hater of all thing Disco and can't really believe myself that out of a sudden I find myself listening to this stuff. It's very different to American or European Disco though, real drums, much tighter and generally more exciting. The next mix will be pure Funk, Soul, Psych & Afrobeat, not even the slightest touch of Disco, I promise!

Anonymous said...

How can we contribute some money to all of these artists? I LOVE the music on this site and would love to be able to give a little $$ to the artists.

Al Greer said...

Thanks again Frank, wonderful music.

Anonymous: Try
Based in Brighton UK, they claim to have fully researched and licensed releases, so hopefully some of the money finds it's way back to the artists somehow. Their T.P Orchestre Polyrhythmo Compilation 'Kings of Benin Urban Groove' is IMMENSE!

Kojo Martin said...

Hi Frank,
not only that I love the music, while listening to your mixes I feel like being back in Accra, Takoradi, or Tamale. Having a Star or Gulder in a spot like Big Mama Unice's, negotiating the taxi fare, or just watching the beautiful countryside and people out of the window of a packed trotro. I wished I could board the next flight to Accra. Will you play some records in Berlin around christmas?
Meda ase, Martin

Frank said...

Dear Martin,

unfortunatelly, I won't be coming to Berlin this Christmas. Maybe next summer but even that's not sure right now...


zim said...

Hey Frank,

you're right about that sparrows track - was that from single or LP? how's the rest of it?

Frank said...

Hi Cheeku,
it's from a 45. Unfortunatelly, the other track is not nearly as engaging...

Anonymous said...



Make me smile Afro Frank! Over and over again.


matthew said...

frank, your mixes are the shit & i hope to get the chance to shake your hand & thank you one of these days...keep up the great work.
ATL>DEN (usa)

Dr.Frank said...

Another fantastic mix. I just love the old Ghanaian and Nigerian highlife music . Thanks for sharing these hidden musical treasures with us! I was in Ghana around the same time you were there and saw your small posters hanging around Makola, that time I knew I could expect something special! Me daase paa!

gomad361 said...

what is the title of the St. Augustine & his Rovers Dance Band cut?

Frank said...

don't know... I think the 45 didn't even say a title, only "native blues". I'll check once I'm back in Conakry with my records at the end of April. Currently, I'm digging up records in Ghan, Togo next week and Benin afterwards.



Patrick said...

E.K.'s No. 1 Band is awesome. I can't find anything about these guys - did they release anything else, do you know?

African Bros Dance Band = absolutely the greatest, I agree. I have one original LP on Afribros/Broadway Recds.

Frank said...

Allthe recordsusedon thismix arealready in storage in Europe... I'll have them shipped to our future home in NYC around August and if you remind me again araound the end of September when everything should be in NY with me, I'll be happy to mail you a label scan of this record.

Two weeks ago I found the impossibly rare "railroad" album by the African Brothers International that has an amazingly deep Afrobeat track on it (so far notre-released).Watch out for the next mix!

Anonymous said...

i`m really happy to have found this blog and in a week time i have listened to every single mix you`ve posted, amazing stuff!!! a good friend of mine is originally from cameroon, we are doing some afro-reggae music together, and when he heard mama unices mix he remembered listening to some of the songs when he was a kid. i wonder if you have more of the hi-life tracks to post?

big respect for your work

Frank said...

I have found some really nice Highlife stuff in Ghana 3 weeks ago and I guess a new mix will be made at some point.

universoulproductions said...

Been really diggin on this one lately. Outstanding!