Sunday, October 7, 2007


October 7th 2007

Thanx to my friend Greg, all eleven mp3 mixes on this blog are again available for download!

I just got back to Africa last week after having had an amazing time in Madrid. The fine folks at Vampi Soul Records really do know how to throw a party. The crowd was as friendly and enthusiastic as one could hope for. Many thanks also to James Maycock who threw down some serious heat as well as Inigo and the various other VampiDeeJays. Good times were had and it took me a couple of days to fully recover from the side effects...

In a few days I will leave for another Record Safari. This time I will start in Cotonou, from there I'll travel to Lome, then Accra and back to Parakou in the north of Benin. I'll be back to Conakry in early November.


Anonymous said...

good luck & go safe on your next hunting trip

Anonymous said...

What a Great blog!
Thanks for all your efforts to get this wonderful music wider exposure.
I have one request perhaps?
That you list the year of the songs release (if known) in your mixes?
It would be neat to see how these songs compared to music elsewhere, worldwide, during the same time frames.
Mister X on KZYX FM

Scott said...

wow, just stumbled across your mixes via metafilter. amazing stuff. any chance you can make this into a podcast? i'd love to subscribe to your MP3 posts in iTunes and get new mixes as they're published

Al said...

Hi Frank,

Just found your blog and checked out your mixes - you are doing good, good work. Thanks so much.

I'm a photographer, and occasionally sell prints of my work. If you'd like any for yourself or as gifts for friends, I'd happily send some out to you as a gift to say thanks for this wonderful music! Check out:

Habari Safari! (as they would say in Tanzania, which you're not!)


Frank said...

Thanx for the feedback,

Al, I'll check out your photography as soon as I get to use some hi-speed internet accessand I'm sure I'll happily take advantage of your kind offer.

Scott, just keep on checking the blof,new mixes will pop up soon, I'm currently in the north of Benin in the city of Parakou and have already unearthed some pretty interesting "new" stuff...

Anonymous... thanx for the suggestion. I'll try and include the year of publishing in the tracklists of future mixes.



Comb & Razor said...

keep up the great work, Frank!

Al said...

Cool Frank, hope you find some broadband! Let me know dude :O)