Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two new mixes! -MP3-

August 21st 2007

My last visit in Cotonou has yielded an enormous variety of new music. Here are two mixes featuring these latest finds. The first one is focusing on some more traditional styles while the second mix is all african funk and afrobeat.

This first mix is called Mede Woui after the amazing hypnotic African blues by Johnny Achille that is included as the fourth track.

All the tracks are from Benin, some are Satos, some are ritualistic Voodoo music, some are just labeled as "folclore". All in all, these tracks demonstrate the enormous cultural wealth of Benin but show some of the true roots of Afrobeat.

00:00 Poly Rythmo -agnon depke
05:55 El Rego -e nan mian nuku
10:20 Daho Melo -amou kon we mide
13:17 Johnny Achille -mede woui
19:19 Houndeffo -lanhoue lanhoue
23:05 Gnacadia Cyprien -wangnini mon djin nonnon
28:25 Poly Rythmo -karateka
32:20 Nestor Hountondji -emalon ni hokowo
36:50 Pierre Avohou -mi so gbe tchan'houn
41:31 Tosse Gouton -zinli
48:25 Ezin Gangnon -honton home
52:46 Anatole Houndeffo -nou wli lewe
57:50 Yedenou Adjahoui -keke zeto

Next I put together one straight hour of Afrobeat although Agbandou Babiao might be more Afro Pop than Afrobeat. Like Pol;y Rythmo and the mighty Anos Band, Agbandou hails from Benin. I also included two big names from Ghana: Papa Yankson and CK Mann. African New System is a band from Congo that none of my record collecting friends seem to have heard about so I'm assuming it's a pretty rare one. Smahilla & the SBs fromNigeria are closing this mix with some enormously mighty horns and a powerfull groove.

00:00 Poly Rythmo -non gbeto do mahu tche
04:48 Agbandou Babiao -cherie de mon coeur
09:15 Papa Yankson -wogye w'enyadoo
16:00 Anos Band -alassane koda maradi
21:30 Poly Rythmo -houe djein na da
26:35 African New System -mounguele
36:40 CK Mann -mber papa
42:54 Smahilla & the SBs -african movement


aduna said...

Some real bombs! As usual...

Thanks a lot Frank.


Anonymous said...

many many thanks for all the nice mixes Frank

Måns said...

hey, thanks a lot Frank! Wonderful stuff as always..

gomad361 said...

More treasures from the Raider of the Lost Crates...

Many thanks Frank.


matt said...

thanks Frank..premium content

Pieter said...

Haven't managed to download these mixes yet (local IT provider stays slow) but positive these will be great, as usual.

Enjoy Accra,


Mr. Dubbs said...

I'm having trouble with the m3u. iTunes will open it but not play it. Dang it! Also, bless you and thanks Frank—because that 'Non Gbeto Do Mahu Tche' track by TP Orch Poly Rhythmo is some of the sickest afro funk I've ever heard. I dare say, if you were to put all of the TPOPR tracks you've unearthed into one mix (wink) it would blow Soundway's TPOPR comp out of the water. Any way, thanks for taking the time and doing the hard work to share this amazing music with us all.

Rasheed said...

Hi Franck! Thank´s for the excellent music and also for sharing the cover art. It´s really amazing.

Good Luck!

calumbinho said...

wonderful stuff once again on Mede Woui & African Movement, thanks a lot. i SO wish i could get to listen to the lagos disco inferno - i've been looking forward to that ever since you first hinted at the idea, but links aren't working for me either

size13 said...

Thanks Frank. These mixes are golden.

bass clef said...

I know I'm way late on this...but any chance of re-upping these - they look amazing!

Frank said...

Sorry, appearantly all mixes that are hsoted at konzeptlos.org are not available right now. I hope this is just some minor problam that can be fixed soon...

Anonymous said...

terrific music,it ´s incredible,i´m happy at last,congratulations

clikk4 said...

Super, Super Super post thanks a million from italy.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing. Thank you. Thank you.

Mike said...

Doctor -

I just want to thank you and let you know that you are personally responsible for implanting the 'Poly Rythmo -non gbeto do mahu tche' song deep into the inner sanctum of my brain.

I need refill on my prescription please...

- Michael van Olden
aka Starchild Excalibur
aka Fishguhlish

masta conga said...

hi franck !
at first thank you very much for theses sounds from the motherland !
it's a killa session man !!
i can't resist to ask you to advise me a good vinyl seller in douala ( cameroon ) and in mali please ?
thanks an regards franck !
peace and have a good time in africa !
masta conga

Lyndon said...

this is absolutely amazing stuff

you are a godsend

Anonymous said...

WOW, the 'African Movement' mix!
it's blowing my speakers now for almost 38 hours, can't get enough of it... I'm thinking of taking a one way ticket, to continue this work you did overthere. When do you really leave to NY?

Big kiss, Jorg


Frank said...

I'm leaving Juli 1st.
Go for it, it's fun. It might be a bit more exhausting than you'd expect though... but it's worth the effort.

allX said...

frank *** i'm speechless - some hours ago i discovered your blog, and, since......my speakers are glooming in the dark ha ha ha!
BIG BIG BIG than you for doing this work AND sharing it

i 'lost my heart' allready longtime ago
down there



Anonymous said...

estos discos del groove africano estan geniales, la neta es un blog super funky.. muy chido Frank...
gracias por rescatar esta MUSICA

peskypesky said...

Thank you so much for all these riches you bestow upon us. :)

Qpchan said...

thanks a lot for sharing all these nuggets, loved that disco mix, obviously you've been digging very deep to find all these beauties. Will check all your mixes asap!
Keep up the good work!
Qpchan in Paris/France

Seeing Red Radio said...

The first two mixes look amazing, but the links don't seem to work at the moment. I'll listen to the others on your site in anticipation.

Thanks for all you do,


ceverett said...

The links for the first 2 mixes are dead ... any chance that the will be uploaded ever again?


Heather S. said...

I just found your blog by chance today and I love it. I've never heard any 70's tunes from West Africa, I listened to the entire 2d mix non-stop on my bus ride to school. Awesome material and I can't wait to find more. Thank you for exposing me and the world to the wonderful music and talents in W. Africa


ContentFLowSwagger said...

Much thanks for these powerful uplifting sounds.... whoa..i love Africa..makes me proud of being a son of the soil http://contentflowmatters.blogspot.com