Saturday, August 11, 2007

bringing home the prey

August 11th 2007

This is just a fraction of what I brought home with me from my last trip to Cotonou. I had only traveled with very few clothes and one pair of shoes so I could fill up my big hardshell suitcase with as many records as possible.
When I hauled my suitcase onto the scale at the check-in counter, the crust on my shredded arm (see bruised in Benin) broke open. The scale said 95 pounds and the check-in attendant said "Non!".
I had to open up my suitcase right there, take out some stacks of records and try to fit them into my already bursting carry-on bags all the while bleeding profusely from the busted up wound on my arm.
It was nasty! People behind me were starting to freak out, they had waited in line for at least an hour and now there was this maniac blocking the check-in counter, bleeding all over the place and mumbling obscenities in a foreign language.
Of course, after I was done, my carry-on luggage was way too big and heavy according to regulations but it took surprising little arguing and only a rather slim bribe to solve the problem, I guess my blood smeared appearance and the unruly crowd behind me made the attendant want to solve this situation just as quickly as myself.


The Staplegun Singer said...

dude, i am seriously digging your blog posts. fascinating shit. i will add you to my blog roll today so my friends can join in the fun! stop by and say hi... said...

Great job,MAN !! Hope you'll share all this with us.....Thank you.

zim said...

insane finds Frank - How's the Les Noirs LP?

Anonymous said...

What a hilarious story. I can only imagine the impact you must have made on the consciousness of those around you. By the way, I'd make MY arm bloody to have a copy of that Segun Bucknor you scored. WHAT A FIND! And what's up with that Sweet Talks LP cover?! Those guys must have had access to some of the Ohio Players LPs (or is it the reverse?). Can you say a bit about the "Atomic Bomb" LP? Looks interesting.

Frank said...

I haven't had the chance yet to listen through all of these. The Sweet Talks and the Les Noirs were bought for the cover alone as far as I remember from checking them out on the portable... the Atomic Bomb is kind of discoish funk with supercheesy keyboards, I've had three of his records so far and two of them seem to be some home produced one-man-band stuff. Pretty interesting. There will be some new mixes up pretty soon!

chris albertyn said...

hey frank - you are keeping us in 'suspenders' here ... i really look forward to you publishing your new mixes ... great music, great blog - like the daily newspaper your site is part of my day .. thank you so much

Analog Africa said...

Hey Frank, thanks for the comment. I see you finally found ALS 005. This is Benin´s most difficult record. There is a second version of that LP, same songs different production. By the way, kannst du mir erklaren wie ich das hauptbild (vom blog) hinter die beiden lignen bekomme...wir bei dir (Wo voodoo funk steht) danke fuer deine hilfe. Samy