Tuesday, July 10, 2007

cooked from scratch -MP3-

July 10th 2007

I just got back to Guinea a few days ago.
The rainy season has begun and I'm spending most of my time indoors, reading books and drinking beer... today I bought a ticket to Cotonou for later this month. Haven't done any digging for several weeks now and I'm starting to get nervous.

There's a good chance I'll move to NYC next year and I'll do my best to unearth as many records as possible before my departure. No rock shall remain unturned.!

Here's a mix I put together a few weeks back. It's mostly tracks that I had sorted out for earlier mixes but ended up not using for various reasons, either "too long", "not obscure enough" or as with the last track "not quite funky enough".

I hope you all will have a good time listening to this anyway.
There hopefully will be another mix with brandnew stuff as soon as I get back from Cotonou early in August.

I also want to use this opportunity to thank all of you who left comments on this blog or wrote encouraging emails. Many thanx to all who showed up at one of my gigs in NY, Switzerland, Villingen Schwenningen and Berlin. I had an amazing time!

Special thanx to my man Rainer from KONZEPTLOS for his amazing DJ sets at my events in Switzerland and Southern Germany.

Click on image to listen!

El Rego et ses Commandos -djobime
Poly Rythmo -yeye we nou mi
Manu Dibango -the panther
CK Mann -funky hi-life
Stanislas Tohon -mi tchinker
L'African Team -africa boogaloo
Christy Essien -mr. pride
Black Santiago -assounon dje dokoli
Poly Rythmo -djangfa magni
Soro N'Gana -kpa male mon sie

El Rego and his Commandos open up with another smoking slice of spicy Beninoise Funk. Track two is one of my favorite Poly Rythmo tunes fueled by possibly the filthiest organ south of the Sahara. Pretty clean sounding in contrast followed by Manu Dibango's "the Panther", almost has a European library feel to it... I did an edit of CK Mann's "funky hi-life", I hope this won't offend the purists amongst you. Next we have Stan Tohon from Cotonou, on "mi tchinker" he blesses us with some strange sounding traditional Beninoise percussion instruments. Manu Dibango returns for another track, this time he's joined by Le Grand Kalle & Don Gonzalo for a funky little boogaloo number. "Mr. Pride" by Christy Essien is next, some people don't like this track because it's more pop than anything else but hey, what's wrong with that? Next we have one of the most incredible peaces of music ever. The mythical Black Santiago with "assounon dje dokoli". There might still be a copy of this record at NYC's finest record store "Good Records"... another track by Poly Rythmo: "djangfa magni" has horns as sharp as machetes. Okay, I know this last track by Soro N'Gana kind of stands out as the probably unfunkiest track from all 6 mixes so far but come on, you like it too, right? How could you possibly deny the power of West African guitar shredding and organ grinding? How can a track be so ridiculously loose and so ballsqueezingly tight both at the same time? The perfect soundtrack for chilling on the porch with a liter of palm wine or two, or three...


John B said...

Another incredible set, Frank! I would really like to see this material released on a series of CDs remastered from the original tapes, if that's possible. Given it some thought?

And WHEN are we going to get that Ferry Djimmy track in some sort of downloadable form?

Frank said...

Just within the past few weeks, I was contacted by two reputable record labels about the possible release of a Compilation. It seems like htere is a very strong possibility to work something out within the near future.

The Radio Downtown Soulville radio show that includes the Ferry Djimmy track should be downloadable from the WFMU site. I don't exactly know how to do this but it should be possible.

Anonymous said...

"Haven't done any digging in months now and I'm starting to get nervous." Nervous Frank? Why nervous? I hope you don't mean: 'I haven't been digging in months b/c I don't feel like it and my apathy is what makes me nervous.' That would suck for all of us. As for the new set, it kills like all the others. I love what you do for all of us! Obviously you don't need to be posting any of this for us. Musical altruism at its purest!

Anonymous said...

Great mix Frank, but I can't figure out which track is supposed to be the re-edit of Mann's Funky Hi-Life!

Wolfgang said...

Hi Frank,

nochmals vielen Dank für Deine Shows in SH & VL. Wir hatten wirklich unseren Spass. Dieser Sound ist wirklich unglaublich. Es war auch schön Dich nach so langer Zeit mal wieder zu sehen. Pass gut auf Dich
auf und viel Erfolg beim diggen.

Alles Gute - Wolfgang

Frank said...

Thanx E. actually, I haven't been able to do any digging for a few weeks because I've been in the US and Europe to DJ and visit friends. Now I'm back in Africa and can't wait to get my hands dirty again...

and yeah... there's no re-edit of CK Mann's Funky Hi-life on this mix... turns out my buddy has uploaded an earlier version with a slightly different tracklist...

I will try and have this fixed asap.

Ali said...

Excellent, Thanks for putting these out. Hope we hear more very soon Ali

zim said...


really great to hear that these might come out in compilation form, this one, like all the others is a scorcher

at least to me it seems like the tracklist has all the songs on it but in slightly different order as it stands now

i too haven't figured out how to download the Radio Downtown Soulville show, if somebody knows I'd love to hear how to do that (can't wait to hear the Ferry Djimmy)

Dj Canalh said...

I really like your mix. Thanks from Paris were a nice breeze of african music is cooling the place !

Anonymous said...

Smoking mix, man.

Who's the artist on the fourth song? (the one mistakenly identified as CK Mann) That track's so damn hot it scorched my eyebrows off...

Ali said...

The possibility of something on CD is excellent.

Some of the music you are digging is alive in Norwich, Norfolk, UK


Good Plan. I am sure there will be a few more gems before you leave. Ali

Anonymous said...

Wow. deepest african tracks I've heard! Dis site is da heaviness!

Frank said...

Thanx for the comments everybody!
Somehow I stopped receiving those automated notification mails for made comments. I already thought noone visits this site anymore...

The track mistakingly credited as CK Mann in the first vesion of this mix was by Bailly Spinto, let me know if you're interested in this record, I do have a spare copy of this.

The mix was reuploaded with CK Mann instead, maybe I'll put it on the next one... I had thought it's too cheesy-disco-ish...

I'm in Cotonou right now by the way and have already unearthed enough stuff for a whole bunch of more mixes.

Maybe I'll do one that's all African disco-boogie madness.

I used to hate disco like nothing else but the stuff that comes out of Africa is so much more energetic, atmospheric, and more fun than what I know as US or Euro Disco. Plus it's mainly all "real instruments" with maybe some spaced out moog thrown in.

Anonymous said...

link for Downtown Soulville Podcasts:
The past shows gets erased from the server after some time.
If people are looking for shows that don't show up any more let me know and give me the date(s) as I've got most of the 2006-2007 shows. I'll put them on my server with pleasure.

Frank, great again, thanks

aNTOINE said...


ton site nous rappelle à quel point la musique que nous aimons vient d'Afrique,le continent du GROOVE!



Dusty said...

Cool mix!

Can record covers for this mix be found on your site?


Frank said...

I think the covers to all the tracks are to be found somewhere, please don't ask me to sort them out for you though... I'm far too lazy for that.

calumbinho said...

I am extremely happy to have found this blog, Frank. This mix has some particularly wonderful stuff - especially the "too long" or "not funky enough" tracks, which are never boring and always insanely danceable, and really dig into the afro side of afrofunk. Thanks a lot!

Stefan said...

Hatte mir gestern endlich die Zeit genommen Musik zu hören, genau genommen dein Mix auf Freefunkin. Der stand noch aus! Dabei habe ich einen Track dauernd nochmal hören müssen. Black Santiago - assounon dje dokoli!!! Das Ding haut mich wirklich total weg! Wie dumpf, warm, erdig, nahezu fleischig. Bringt ein echt irres Gefühl rüber und ist hochprozentig psychedelisch! Ich bekomme beim Hören direkt das Gefühl, als hätte ich mich nach einem heißen Tag im Schwimmbad auf einer frischen, saftigen grünen Wiese mit senkender Sonne am strahlend blauen Himmel über dem verschwitzen Kopf, erschöpft und ausgetrocknet, aber extrem zufrieden auf mein Fahrrad gesetzt und mich bei kühlem Fahrtwind den Berg hinab in die Stadt rollen lassen, während mir der Geruch von brennendem Asphalt und Sommerdürre in die Nase steigt. Einfach unglaublich. Wie muss sich der Track anhören, wenn man in Afrika sitzt. Gott, ich glaube ich muss demnächst in die Illegalität zurückfallen und das Stück mal so RICHTIG entspannt hören ;). Das kann ja lustig werden! DANKE für´s finden und vor allem DANKE für´s teilen!!! DER SUPER KNALLER!!!!!

memphis said...

Good Evening Dear Mister,

I want to thank you very much for sharing this wonderful musik with the hole wide world.
You doin' a really good job,
your mixes are medicine for hearing,
chicken skin music at it's best.

If you mixin the fruits and the spices like you mixin da singles, you cooking 5 Stars.
And that's what you share with us.
Thank you also for your lyriks

You and your wife, both i wish a realy cool times in africa again.

take care, stay busy in that recordthing

i am a blackforrest child near freiburg


DjJuliaMarie said...

I'm a overwhelmed and incredibly impressed by your drive and emotional journey collecting these priceless jems. You're doing the world a great favor by caring for what could possibly be lost forever. Thank you.

peskypesky said...

Holy Mother of God... this is fantastic, Incredible mix. THANK YOU.

jeffrey david said...

Boom. Thanks from Hawaii.