Tuesday, January 30, 2007

you can shake your bones -MP3-

January 30th 2007

Here's my latest mix with rare West African Funk tracks:

Click on image to listen:

00:00 Wrinkar Experience -sound way (Nigeria)
02:29 Docteur Nico -sookie (Congo)
05:28 Les Elytes de Cotonou -do you ray mbanba (Benin)
06:52 Poly Rythmo -wodeka doe (Benin)
10:15 Picoby Band -honton ve zoun (Benin)
13:40 Black Santiago -bani wo dzo (Benin)
16:26 Anos Band -boro non andou nan (Benin)
19:29 Poly Rythmo -"general gowon" (Benin)
29:40 MFB -boredom pain (Nigeria)
34:40 Gnonnas Pedro -dadje von o von non (Benin)
38:30 Eskill & Vicky -ecoute ma melodie (Benin)
46:24 Houn Pierre -mansou djouwi (Cote d'Ivoire)
50:55 Asiko Rock group -shadow of the boogie (Nigeria)
54:57 Poly Rythmo -cherie yoyo (Benin)
59:32 Gnonnas Pedro -how much love naturaly cost? (Benin)
65:48 Poly Rythmo -ma won ye o (Benin)

First one is the Wrinkar Experience from Lagos with "sound way", starts out kinda popish but then develops into a heavy, headnodding beast of a funk song with some nasty organ grinding...
Please excuse the bad sound quality of "sookie" by Docteur Nico but this recording is so raw, loud and bursting with energy, I don't think the cracks and pops really deminish it's impact. This is the very hard to find 45 version of this track that is exactly one minute, one drum break and numerous shouts and grunts longer than the edited version that later was released on the green Fiesta LP.
Also dirty and crackly sounding is the next one, super obscure garage soul banger "do you ray mbanda" by Beninoise Les Elytes de Cotonou.
As you can see, quite a lot of Poly Rythmo tracks on this one... "wodeka doe" a thundering psych funk monster with some of the most violent drumming I've ever heard.
It's impossible to match this energy level so we have to take things back a notch or two with Picoby Band d'Abomey and their incredible "honton ve zoun". Where does this psych influence in Benin's music come from?
Next one are the mythical Black Santiago with "bani wo dzo" how other should one describe this music if not "Voodoo Funk"?
The Anos Band comes up next with their bass driven "boro non andou nan".
MFB from Lagos with "boredom pain" offers some nice, soulful crossover. "you can shake your bones or you can shake your flesh you can turn around or you can move your waist" definatly counts to some of the most ingenious lyrics I've heard in a while. Throw in some space guitar for good measure, never leaving the stone cold groove... love it!
Gnonnas Pedro is probably Cotonou's most well known singer and in the 1970s certainly had his share of international exposure with his Cuban flavored brand of afro latin. He also recorded a few Afrobeat tracks like the self-produced and self-released "dadje von e von non" as well as "how much love naturally cost?", both are included on this mix.
I really like Houn Pierre from Ivory Coast, my wife hates him because "he sounds like that guy from the Talking Heads" but hey, I got enough time to sit on the terrace, drink pineapple daiquiris and listen to his records while she's at work...
Asiko Rock Group is a pretty wild record... they also released another one that was recorded in Germany of all places, the LP this track is from was recorded in Lagos though.
Some more Poly Rythmo niceness rounds up the mix. I hope you all have a great time listening to this! Have a look at the covers of these records on the Record Finds November 2006 entry.




Vincent said...

Thank you very much. This sounds like it will be the best one yet so I intend to enjoy this mix thoroughly. I caught your guest set on "Downtown Soulville" last summer and I've been hooked ever since. My girlfriend's sister in law is from Nigeria so it gives me an even greater perspective of the music. Again, I must say thank you.

Frank said...

You're welcome, Vincent.
Thanx for listening! I might do another show with Matt on Downtown Soulville this summer. I'll be back to NY for another gig at APT's Bumpshop on June 2nd.

kobal said...

thanks a lot for teh stuff you digging out here contact me please have soem deal to propose !www.myspace.com/djkobal

Anonymous said...

Wow. Stumbled into this corner of the internet by accident and discovered your mix of obscure African tracks. Just wanted to say I totally loved it and have bookmarked your site to check out a few more of your mixes.

Thanks. Brad (Slovenia)

Akwaaba said...

Amazing sounds ! can't stop listening the general gowon track ! tons of thanks Franck ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! great stuff. never really botherd to check out the african funk sounds before. what a mistake to make. im hooked.


London uk

Anonymous said...

Frank, Thanks so much for seeking out and posting this all this fine music! I had no idea the extent of African funk/pop, it's all so goooood! I'm downloading and burning these mixes and giving them to my friends, who love them. I'm into lots of music, mostly jazz like Bird,Miles and Trane, and a longtime James Brown,reggae and Grateful Dead fan-but Afro Funk is THE SHIT! Thanks again Frank-and be careful over there-it's a jungle!

Frank said...

Thanx for digging the mixes everybody, while it's a good thing to burn them on CDR to spread this stuff, please don't forget that it's even more important to buy legitimate re-releases and compilations of funky African music on Analog Africa or Soundway Records. Buying their (excellent) releases helps put some money in the hands of those who created this amazing music.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank - thanks for posting all this stuff, cannot tel you how happy I am to hear it. Von O Von Non plays all the time on radio in Lome because it's the anthem of the Togolese national football squad (Les Eperviers!). I think the words mean something like them that know me fear me...

Frank said...

Hey, thanx for letting me knw about this. Are you looking for records in Lome?
I'm at Cotonou as I write this and originally wanted to swing over to Lome on this trip but I didn't have the time to get both visas in time. I'll be in Accra later this month, maybe I 'll manage from there. Write me an eMail if you want to meet for a beer or two...
soulpusher at soulexplosion dot de

Anonymous said...

Many many many thanks for the music Frank!! In fact, you have inspired me so much that I am planning to center an upcoming radio show on West African Funk, and so I'm basically asking for permission to sample some of your compilations.
-again Many Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful musicical efforts - thank you for all your time finding. assembling this mix and creating this blog - I'm digging the crap out of it!



Ray Shackleford said...

Interesting that you mention the vocal similarity to the Talking Heads on one track, as I've noticed that this track:

Gnonnas Pedro -how much love naturaly cost? (Benin)

bears more than a passing resemblance to Sunshine and Love by the Happy Mondays. The album that is is from was produced by Chris Franz and Tina Weymouth from Talking Heads. With their track record of covering songs by John Kongolos and their trouble writing new material at that point in their career, you may have stumbled upon an influence.