Tuesday, January 23, 2007

spiraling out of control

January 23rd 2007

The weekend in Conakry was very calm.
Only occasional gunfire was heard.

Guinea's other bigger cities though experienced a lot of uproar.
The prefect of Pita had to flee the city. In Mamou, demonstraters overrun a police barricade and freed prisoners from jail that were arrested at a demonstration earlier the same day. In Labé, the house of a politician was demolished by an angry mob after he had given a TV speech, calling people to support the president.
N'Zerekoué in the forest region also saw violent clashes between police and demonstraters.

Monday was the big turning point here in Conakry:
The unions had called for a big march to the union headquarters in downtown Conakry. Some sources say it was hundreds of thousands, others claim it was just around one hundred thousand people. Fact was, that police and military forces were overwhelmed by an enormous crowd that swept althrough the suburbs and -constantly growing stronger, swept into the city. Most police just stood by doing nothing. At the roundabout at Hamdalai, police tryed to stop them and fired into the crowd but it was too many people and they were too angry to stop. The roadblock was overrun and the demonstraters continued their way downtown. At the bridge of No.8th they were stopped by strong military presence. The soldiers fired into the mob, wounding and killing many.

The son of president Conté who commands a special force unit called "rangers" that were trained in China stormed into the union headquarters and ordered his men to destroy the place. When they refused, Conté reportedly smacked his soldiers around and then ordered them to arrest all 4 union leaders which they did.

Evening came and with it reports from two hospitals totaling in 17 dead bodies. No way to tell how many really were killed, how many bodies never even made it to the hospitals.

New reports suggest that a special forces unit from Guinea Bissao under direct command of drunk and psychotic president son Ousmane Conté is responsible for the massacre at the bridge of Nov. 8th.

Newest reports say that all 4 union leaders have been set free last night. All have been more or less seriously wounded and submitted to torture. Dr. Fofana has supposedly lost an eye, everybody has been viciously beaten.

There is no telling where the situation will go from here.

If you're interested, you can find news updates on aminata.com or guineenews.org




Anonymous said...

Hi Frank,

Im Schwarzwald schneit es zwar und ist arschkalt,aber sicher ist es nicht so "spannend" wie zur Zeit in Guinea.
Wir finden deinen Blog absolute Spitze. Solche Einsichten hätten wir dir gar nicht zugetraut :) ...

Passt auf Euch auf!!!
Grüße von Regine und Wolfgang

Frank said...

Hallo Ihr Beiden!
Freut mich sehr, von Euch zu hören!

Hoffentlich sehen wir uns bei meinem Deutschlandbesuch diesen Sommer!