Friday, November 10, 2006

Always on the move

November 10th 2006

I know, didn't post for half a year... that's because I've been traveling a whole lot. Last month, my wife and I, together with our old friend Fabian spent some time in Freetown. We had gone mostly for the beaches but on two short digging excursions into town, I found the "Sound Way" 45 by Wrinkar Experience, a Nigerian OG copy of Fela's "Gentleman", the one minute longer 45 version of Docteur Nico's "Sookie" and a few other gems.

This image illustrates what a record collection might look like... "...yeah, I got records... I got lots of them. Plenty!". And when we reached the place, we were confronted with a moldy stack of maybe a dozen records... but even though they were stored on the backyard of the house, exposed to the elements for many years, I still found a (waterdamaged) VG+ copy of the Viva Super Eagles LP with "love's a real thing".

After returning from Sierra Leone, it was time for me to go on another trip to Cotonou. This one turned out to be the even more fun and rewarding in terms of records than my first visit.

Meansh Paulin. One of the most interesting men I have ever met. Not only did he hook me up with lots of good records but we also got to hang out and have some beers together. He has seen all the bands from Benin live back in the 70's, he also knows lots of musicians and had plenty of stories to tell...

One of my agents and record store owner, Kpodo Abel refueling his scooter at one of Cotonou's typical black market gas stations.

Another one of the dozens of little record stores in Cotonou that I was visiting.

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Yaw said...

Re: "The crossdressing owner of one of the dozends of little stores I was visiting."

Dude, that's not cross dressing. It's called a "collar" in Ghana, and is made from a piece of cloth, about 6'X 4'. Usually it's the same piece of cloth that's used as a cover cloth while sleeping. All one has to do is pull two ends around the neck and make a knot at the back. It's used by males and females alike and is rather popular in the rural areas - more in some areas than others. Now that I think about it, I can see why it could be mistaken as cross dressing. Next time I see a friend in a collar I'll be dishing some serious ribbing!!

BTW, I'm really digging your posts, and just can't get enough of your mixes! Keep it up....