Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Two Hours of Afro Funk! -MP3-

May 17th 2006

I put together two mixes, using records that I found on my trips to Sierra Leone and to Cotonou. The LP-covers and 45 labels of all these records can be viewed under the previous posts Past Trips to Freetown & Sierra Leone and in the Mouth of the River of Death


00:00 the friimen -we can get it on
04:12 matata -talkin' talkin'
08:42 antoine dougbe -ya mi ton gbo
15:12 orch. poly rythmo -minsatole midayi home
18:20 black dragons -houegbe kouche
20:52 stanislah tohon -paix lo
29:58 don bruce & the angels -sugar baby
36:28 the funkees -now i'm a man
43:16 perry ernest -funky city
48:34 sweet breeze -funk
52:36 cobra -wari wah


00:00 pat thomas & marijata -i need more
07:40 black santiagos -ole
10:45 orch poly rythmo -gbeti ma djro
13:41 el rego et ses comandos -hessa
16:36 the doves -echoing winds
22:48 don bruce & the angels -kinuye
27:21 tokyoto ashanty -african danse
33:00 sookie feat. jeannine otis -rhythm on rhythm
36:34 antoine dougbe & poly rythmo -nou akue non hwlin me sin kon sio
41:22 sir victor uwaifo -all correct
44:55 akeeb kareem -esin funfun (white horse)
49:38 fela anikulapo kuti -sorrow tears and blood


Anonymous said...

Hi Frank,

Bjørn-Kowalski here - the exile Norwegian still in Berlin with a weak spot for SOUL. I was wondering how you were holding up in down there in Africa, and I have to say its a really nice thing you`ve done putting up this blog. Not just on the music side of things, which by the way is truly amazing - But I also enjoy reading about the people you have meet, and how you describe life around you. Good job.

I hope you and your better half are well, and keep on posting the world about your endavours,

All the best,

Bjørn-Kowalski Hansen

Anonymous said...

hi frank,

bin der typ aus dortmund und muss dir sagen respekt zu deinen 2 afro funk mixen, bisher konnte ich mit dem zeug nicht so viel anfangen, aber wie immer qualität setzt sich durch. ebenso finde ich nach wie vor deinen ausstieg nach africa bewundernswert.

Mr B said...

you're on my side bar, great blog

more mp3 though !!

www.soundsofthe70s.blogspot said...

Hi Frank

Loving your blog.

Hey, afromix1 one times out at 22:48, instead of 52:36 plus.

and afromix2 at 21:49, instead of 49:38 plus.

I'm thinking maybe the connection died, but the download shows complete. Man, bummer, because I was really into it, and then deadness. Ouch. Any words of sage advice?

Many thanks!

J in Los Angeles

God's son said...

Hi Frank,
I just become a fan of your blog. I am a Ghanaian living in the states.I have always been a big fan of music in general but afro music of all shapes and forms in particular. I LOVE your blog and your enthusiasm,which by the way is amazing!.The music you have been able to unearth is mind boggling,and your dedication is outrageous(for want of a better word).I pray that whatever God you pray to would continue blessing you so you can continue doing what you are doing cos some of us simply cant.Keep up the good work man.
One luv.
Virginia, USA.

Barth Richards, Jr. said...

Hey Frank,

What a treasure trove!

Your mixes are great. I listened to a couple of them, and now I must hear them all, and I plan to. Your stories and photos are a great accompaniment to the music.

Unfortunately, the links to your first two mixes (AfroFunkMix1.mp3 and AfroFunkMix2.mp3) are not working. Have you removed these two mixes, or is it just a glitch?

Thanks so much for sharing all of this with the world.

Frank said...

Oh, sorry abouthtis. I wonder for how long they've been unavailable... I'll have this fixed within a couple of days!


the_down_Low said...

thanks frank another quality tape!

Anonymous said...

Brother, my mind is blown at 3AM in rural Connecticut....

Wonderful, wonderful music...


Anonymous said...

Hi Frank

I wanted to know if you'll ever coming to play again in basel?
Your music is just fantastic...


casey said...

making the work day go faster and better.
thanks man!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this great music.

Anonymous said...


"I need more" - Marijata -

killer track, obviously

not available anywhere but here ? Not on any of your reissues or anywhere ?

Frank said...

We might put this one out on 45 sometime in the future...