Friday, December 16, 2005

Outside of Conakry

December 16th 2005

Whenever I'm not on any record digging journey, my wife and I enjoy the endless hiking possibilities all over Guinea. Only one hour outside the dirty, smelly and chaotic city, you can find yourself in places like this.

For about 20 dollars, you can rent a small fishing boat for a full day and have the captain show you around the wonderful Illes de Los which you will reach after less than one hour coming from Conakry's fishing port Boulbinet. Once on the islands, you can hike around in tropical vegetation or relax on the beach and buy some fresh fruit.

The island with the nicest beach is called Room and was the inspiration for Stephenson who spent some time here to write his book "treasure island". The largest island is called Tamara. Hidden behind some trees, you can find some old slave houses, a very sad and kinda spooky site that later was used as a prison and now slowly gets reclaimed by nature.


Anonymous said...

Amazing shots there--especially the one of the mountain. I wish I'd found this blog earlier. You take teh types of record digging trips I can only dream of. I'd lvoe to hear some of these records.

Frank said...

Thanx for your comment!
You can find a total of 5 mp3 mixes, one hour each by clicking on the Links under "Archive" that end with "-MP3-"

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank

I was wondering if you will ever come Playing again in Basel??? I would love to hear you music playing again.... i would even orange and promot a evening!

Best wishes man.... good bless you