Saturday, November 4, 2000

Psychedelic Aliens Album Out Now!

We just received the Psychedelic Aliens CDs from the manufacturer and they are looking straight out incredible! There was never any doubt about the earth shattering quality of the musical content but I was very curious about how the CD bookcase would come out.

We chose a revolutionary new packaging that besides the CD itself doesn't contain a single scrap of plastic. I don't even like CDs... other than for playing them in the car, I never buy them myself but this fine product here, I would get in a heartbeat and proudly display it on my coffee table! Do I sound like a used car salesman? I don't give a damn. I will feel personally insulted if you don't go out and buy a copy. Do you have a friend? Buy him/her a copy, too.

Have a look for yourself. I snapped a couple of pictures to show you just how great this baby looks. Keep in mind that these photographs only show you 3 spreads out of the 32 page booklet! Click the image for a larger view.


ReeBee said...

remember to bring these gems in Rome, I highly recommend!


xensma said...

is it only released on cd or is there a lp actually cooking?
i should be there in barcelona, i hope you will bring some wax for sale this night.

Frank said...

We made a CD and a LP version and also a limited 45 box set that contains four 45s, a de-luxe 7" 32 page booklet and an embroidered iron-on patch. I will bring some CDs and 45 box sets to Europe so you should be able to get them at the party.

See you there!


Mihaleez said...

Hey Frank. You just made my day better! I'm an Athens Greece resident, how do i purchase this gem? What are the prices? Please mail me @

thanks in advance

Frank said...

Not sure about Greece. You probably knwo best which record stores would carry such imnports. We have no control over what prices the individual retailers decide to charge for this record.

Anonymous said...

Any chances of this one making it to Rhapsody?

Frank said...

I don't know. I haven't even asked the label if they plan on offering this. Why don't you just get the CD, it's worth it for the booklet alone...

Tiago Ferreira said...

Any chances for that pearl arrives on Brazil?

I wrote a post of these album here and really enjoy to hear the afro-psychedelic sounds on some way...


Frank said...

Thanx for your support, Tiago!

Unfortunatelly, the label wasn't able to find anybody who offers distribution to Brazil. I guess you would have to order it online...



yeke said...

hi frank,

just got my package with the psychedelic aliens lp + shirt.
the record and booklet are just perfect and every tune is a killer!

are there different kind of shirt designs ? mine has no yellow/red circle in the background like the one you posted on your main page - no big deal but this one looks more "psychedelic" ;)

i also have no problem in buying the 45 box-set too. i wonder if the single tracks on a seven inch sound better than from the lp or is there no difference in the pressing?

let me know.
thanks man

irishdave said...

I saw your earlier post about the pre-order offer of t-shirt & cd from and I placed my order and yesterday it arrived(UK here)& who cares about the snow outside? The music from Psychedelic Aliens makes it feel like sunshine!
Thanks for making this available to us!

Frank said...

Hi Yeke,

I did a differentg design for the shirts with less colors. The shirts were printed differently, did them in silk screening and Dizzyjam do theirs with a new direct to textile multi color printing method.

LP and 45s should sound pretty much the same. The LP also runs on 45rpm. The 45 box set is simply for collectible purposes with the iron on patch and all.

Thanx for your purchases. Glad you all are digging this release!


Anonymous said...

I just picked up the CD in Rochester, N.Y. - Bop Shop Records. Beautful package, amazing music! Congratulations. - Dan

Anonymous said...

Some intersting things going on in Humboldt County California with the Psychedelic Aliens record. Check it out

Roddus said...

Was surprised and really pleased to see this in one of our local record stores here in Christchurch, New Zealand. Unfortunatly for me it was on vinyl and I no longer have a record player. Also good to see some of the Analog Africa, Strut and soundways compilations turning up here, my wallet in very empty right now but my boogie is full.